2014 Shamrock Series Uniforms Leaked?

Get your annual Shamrock Series rage/anger/joy/horror/trolling/enthusiasm ready, because it appears that Notre Dame Football’s secret might be out.

According to the UniWatch Twitter account, one of their commentators got a sneak peak at both the traditional home and 2014 Shamrock Series uniforms:

As promised, Under Armour left the class home uniform alone. The only real change comes with the base (aka, the undershirt) that has a “God, Country, Notre Dame” reference. This sounds like something I will probably immediately buy because that sounds amazing.

The Shamrock Series uniforms of course, are the main event with this leak. And, if this leak is legit, color me excited to see what they look like.

The pants are the only thing that really concerns me. Striping can be a tough thing to pull off in a uniform much less a diagonal pattern. This of course, leads to many additional questions such as “how big is the diagonal slant?” and “how thick is the striping?” and those won’t be answered until we actually see these things in the wild.

The helmet, usually the major issue of the Shamrock Series uniform (save for last year, that thing was great), sounds like a good practice in simplicity. Gold with a ND monogram works just fine. Helmets should never go too crazy so I like that direction.

Beyond that, I have to say I’m excited to see gold being a major accent on the jersey. It spices the jersey up a bit, uses our colors, and it’s something that we really don’t do as far as the jerseys are concerned.

Personally, I’m excited. I hope these things are unveiled soon so I can see what this all actually looks like (or laugh that we all got duped by this).

Update: @ndmspaint has taken the description and given their artist rendition of the design:

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  • DJ

    The sock striping makes it seem legit. UA has apparently settled on what they call the “Double Stripe” as a design motif they want to use on all ND uniforms. They claim it was inspired by the double stripe that is on the roofs of many of the older buildings on campus. To see examples, check out the new Athletic Equipment twitter account, where they showed the new soccer socks.


    • http://www.herloyalsons.com/blog/author/irishelvis/ Irish Elvis

      good find; I’d seen that stripe treatment on some of the bookstore merch apparel (if memory serves) and think it’s a good look.