Nile Sykes Reportedly Seeking Transfer from Notre Dame

Well, this offseason had clearly been too quiet for Notre Dame. Our dose of drama this time around is a report from Blue and Gold Illustrated (paywall link), and later confirmed by Irish Illustraed (paywall link), the Chicago Tribune, and the Elkhart Truth that freshman linebacker Nile Sykes will be transferring from the Irish just a couple of weeks after he reported to campus.

Thus far, I have yet to see a report as to the exact reason why Sykes is seeking a transfer. All that has been mentioned  by any outlet is that he’s looking for a “better fit” which can mean a myriad of things.’

To further muddy the waters, shortly after BGI broke the story, Sykes tweeted that he was still “a student” at ND. Sykes has since deleted that tweet, leading me to curse myself for not taking a screenshot of the declarationEdit: I just came across an open tab on my work PC with One Foot Down’s report on this story from yesterday. At that time the tweet was still in existence, so we do indeed have it forever:

Sykes Tweet

Even with the tweet in the wild, with so many outlets running with the same story, there is clearly something to it. I don’t think it too wise to speculate as to why until some more details come to light.

In all honesty, the only reason that would give me pause is some kind of academic/qualification issue that caught ND or Sykes by surprise. That’s something that shouldn’t happen and would signify a gap in communication that the football team needs to fix with either ND admission or the NCAA itself.

Otherwise, I’m just going to chalk this up to usual attrition of trying to deal with the inexact science of trying to handle teenagers.

No matter how this shakes out, we wish for nothing but the best for Sykes and his future.

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  • irishhelden

    I am so sick of the grammatical misuse of the term myriad. It’ not pyramid, it’s not an object, not like a pyramid of options — is that where the confusion lies? It means multiple. You wouldn’t say “a multiple of options,” just myriad options. Always incorrectly preceded by the ‘a’ and the widespread usage… AHHHHHH!!!

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    • Marc

      Easy there. There are two acceptable uses of “myriad”. One as an adjective and one as a noun.

      1) “There are myriad reasons…”

      2) “There are a myriad of reasons…”

      Really, it’s true. Even Oxford thinks so.

  • Hotbod Handsomeface

    I’m also so sick of people not proofreading their childish rants online and making simple grammatical mistakes like ” It’ “.