Friday Roundup: The “What is Michigan?” Edition

You know, we give Michigan a lot of hell via internet print, and rightly so. However, there are days in which things happen that allow us to sit back and laugh at Michigan without really having to do anything. Today is one of those days.

Oh, and we get to take a shot at Urban Meyer and Texas too!

So this happened last night on Jeopardy!:

Let’s break down this 1:20 of glory that was the “College Football Coaches” category. Let’s take the category for $200, Alex:

Knute Rockne lost just 12, but won one for The Gipper and 104 more at this school.

Amy got the solid $200 layup that was the Notre Dame answer. It was immediate, ingrained in her mind.

Off to a solid start, what could possibly go wrong?

This coach with a papal first name left Florida in 2010 and now coaches the Ohio State Buckeyes.

Not a single person had a clue who Ubran Meyer is. My heart grew about ten sizes as everyone just stared at Alex blankly.

Urban, your reaction?

The next answer was a visual clue:

Michigan Jeopardy

There it is folks, the supposed best and most recognizable helmet in not just college, but all of football. Surely, one of our three contestants will get this one…

Jeopardy Blank Stare


I also love how Trebek makes the point that Michigan “still has those stripes” because after the “WTF is that?!” looks he got, it was apparently needed.

What is schadenfreude, Alex?

The eyes of this university are upon Mack Brown and have seen him win more than 150 games.

Bless your heart, Emily, for buzzing in and saying the first school you thought of with orange in their color scheme. After all, “War Eagle” is quite close to “The Eyes of Texas Are Upon You”.

This is why Charlie Strong is refusing to let his players throw up the hook ’em horns. Texas has gone from a household name powerhouse to Jeopardy! irrelevance.

Tom Osborne won 255 games at this university and three elections to congress from the state (you win 255 games and you’ll get elected, too).

Amy, buzzes in with the correct answer immediately and I’m convinced she is either a Nebraska fan (wearing red, COINCIDENCE?!), just trolled everyone, or is really into Nebraska politics.

Either way, of this sample of three very smart people, only Notre Dame and Nebraska rang a bell. Ohio State, Michigan, and Texas all drew blanks (and an Auburn outburst).

Finally, what gives, Clay? You sat on your hands the entire category. At least Emily tried to buzz in. Your college football apathy is disappointing*, sir.

*Except for ignoring Michigan. That shit’s hilarious.

The Roundup

Northwestern football finally won something. The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) ruled that Northwestern football players are, in fact, employees. I’ll have more to say on this later, but for now, might I suggest a very reasoned overview from a lawyer about what this is and isn’t.

Looks like someone pulled an O’Leary. Seriously, why would anyone try this stunt again?

The 2013 football season, brought to you by MSPaint. Reddit had a bit of fun and totally excluded Paint Like a Champion, but seeing Sparty remain bitter is always hilarious.

Other Notre Dame sports have been doing some awesome things lately. Catch up with them all.

And now your moment of Nix… What is schadenfreude in GIF form, Alex?

The Booze

Baseball season is about to kick off. In the case of my Texas Rangers, it’s more like limping into the season has about half the roster will start on the DL.

Anyways, my suggestion would be a brew that somehow, some way, reminds you of your favorite team or time at a ballpark in general.

For me, that’s going to be good ‘ol Shiner Bock. Feel free to let me know your brew (or cocktail) in the comments.


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  • KyNDfan

    Charlie Strong will get Texas back to national prominence, sadly.
    I enjoy watching the Louisville Bats(aaa Reds) and drinking any non light beer on tap.
    Without reading the whole NLRB thing, my first thought is; can they be fired at any time due to lack of performance? Imagine being mid October and losing your scholarship because you’re not averaging enough yards per carry.