#HLSrecapMadness 2014: Round of 32

Well, that was great fun, wasn’t it? I was about to chide myself for poor seeding, but then actual March Madness happened, so #HLSrecapMadness looks downright tame by comparison. No matter, we’re still here and ready to rumble — half of the lower seeds advanced, and we’ve already lost two 1-seeds and last year’s champion.

Cast Your Vote!

We’re going to move a little more quickly now — polls close Wednesday, and I’ll be back on Thursday with the #HLSrecapMadness Sweet Sixteen. To all you people co-opting entire computer labs, public library computers, and call centers to get out the vote…I see you and salute you.

Vote: #HLSrecapMadness Round of 32: Jumbotronless Region

Vote: #HLSrecapMadness Round of 32: Grass Field Region

Vote:  #HLSrecapMadness Round of 32: #NDFBisdeterminedtokillme Region

Vote: #HLSrecapMadness Round of 32: Leather Helmets Region

Polls close at 5:00pm ET on Wednesday, March 26.

About #HLSrecapMadness

Here’s the premise: we combine the best bits of #HLSrecap and March Madness for your enjoyment, ire, and maximum trolling. We start with a 64-slot bracket and populate it with the best tweets from 2013 Notre Dame Football games as seen in #HLSrecap. The Internet votes on who advances in each pairing until we’re left with a single winner…so inform all your family, friends, and enemies that digital glory hangs in the balance.

New for this year: I limited entries to one tweet per handle, with the exception of @oaknd1, last year’s #HLSrecapMadness Champion — he got 2 entries. If you finished in the #HLSrecap Top 25, you are guaranteed a spot; the rest are at-large bids. I solicited at-large bid nominations from the #NDtwitterati, and I selected some users myself. If I received multiple tweets authored by the same person, I reached out to the author to get his/her preferred choice for the field of 64.

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  • ndtex

    You should chide yourself for terrible seeding. Two #1 seeds down is inexcusable, sir.