Friday Roundup: The “FREEDOM” Edition

Yet another sign of the incoming certainty of my marriage: fiancée is away this weekend for her bachelorette party. This means one thing for me this weekend: the brief return to the glorious single bachelor life for one three day weekend.


And yes, we have been separated before, mostly due to business travel on my end. But there is a unique difference in this case. She is states away and I am in my home free to do…well, whatever the hell I want.

However, for me, this is basically getting the chance to nerd out on wrestling, video games, and Star Wars all while drinking copious amounts of booze. Sure, there will be some St. Patrick’s Parade gong-show debauchery with the ND Dallas Alumni Club, but that might be as “crazy” as it’ll get.

So it’s probably not a complete return to my single days. After all, I spent a lot more time at bars than I’m planning to this weekend, even with the St. Paddy’s fun & games going down.

I guess this is all a sign that I’m becoming slightly domesticated, either that or too old for what I used to be able to put off. Or perhaps, more accurately, I’m welcoming this new change into my life and don’t really care to revert back to the “old days” anymore.

If I’m to draw a Notre Dame football parallel to this rambling, that would probably be it. I’ve very much welcomed and accepted the change to my life and feel that it’s all for the better. Perhaps that same temperament is what allows me to take all these “radical” changes that ND takes into it’s football programs in stride.

Then again, that may be a total stretch…eh, whatever, ON TO THE ROUNDUP!

The Roundup

Law & Order: Horrible SEC fans are judges. H/T to @radiofreekruzr for this gem: a judge posts horrible things on a LSU message board and gets completely exposed for it.

Speaking of the SEC…WAR DAMN HILARITY!

Actually we are going to stay in the SEC. Counting is apparently hard over there. Eight players made first team all-SEC and ten players made second team all-SEC. Yeah, that makes sense.

Coach GQ did a Reddit AMA. It turned out exactly how you’d expect.

Thinking about calling this “This Week’s Irish Chocolate Award”. Of course, Nix wins it again this week.

The Booze

It’s St. Patrick’s weekend, I’m recommending Irish Whiskey (e.g. Jameson) because, obviously, y’all.

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    I think “Moment of Nix” sounds better.