Playing the Percentages: The Benefits of Being Irish

On the first day of the Battle of the Somme, 1 July 1916, sixty percent of the British officers involved were killed.

Throughout the entirety of World War II, sixty million people were killed, comprising 2.5% of the earth’s population.

According to, 6.5% of high school players go on to play in college.

1.6% of all NCAA football players make it to the NFL. .

150 players will last four years in the NFL.

The 9 Irish players at this year’s NFL combine were the third most of any school.

After taxes, the average rookie salary is $252,000.00.

The University of Notre Dame ranks 23rd on’s annual ranking of Return On Investment. How they figured that out is set forth here.

ND’s NCAA GSR for football for 2012-2013, the last year for which data is available, is 94%.

Alabama’s GSR is 73%.

Oregon’s is 72%.

Michigan’s is 66%.

USC’s is 53%.

59% of U.S. soldiers landing at Omaha Beach made it through D-Day unscathed.

If you’re a betting man, where are you going to play ball?

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  • ndtex

    USC’s GSR is shocking. I wouldn’t expect it to be that low. Fight on, Troy!

    • Bayou Irish

      Oklahoma’s is 51%.

      • ndtex

        That one doesn’t shock me as much for some reason.

        I don’t know, I had this idea in my head that USC wasn’t worse than Michigan in that regard, so I’m a little surprised to say the least.

        • Bayou Irish

          I just blanche when I see percentages like that.

  • Pat

    What exactly is being analogized here? A football player graduating from USC is like a soldier surviving the landing at Omaha Beach? Okay…

    Maybe instead you should let the numbers speak for themselves.

    • Bayou Irish

      Thanks for reading and commenting, Pat. The exact comparison, if you must, is that you have a better chance of walking off of Omaha at D-Day unscathed than you do of graduating from USC. Letting the numbers from the piece “speak for themselves” would be a touch boring, if that’s the right word.

      • ndtex

        CLICK BAIT…wait it’s at the end of the post…shit, what’s that called?

      • Pat

        I can see it now:

        Brian Kelly: You know, kid, you have a better chance of dying in World War II than playing in the NFL.

        Recruit: I thought WWII ended in 1945?

        BK: Look. Do you want to die in some forgotten foreign war, or be immortalized on the gridiron, forever and ever?

        Recruit: Um…well…

        BK: USC? You’ll never see Paris, kid.

        Recruit announces on Twitter later that day.

        • ndtex

          Yes, we are totally advocating that BK taps into the WWII recruiting pitch. It isn’t used nearly enough these days.

          This is why kids want field turf and jumbotrons.

        • Brian McKeown

          For the love of poot, who gives a flying fruitcake what analogy Whiskey used to point out that USC and Michigan are lousy at graduating players? Get over it.

          • ndtex

            WHOA WHOA WHOA, why are we invoking Poot in any other fashion than #DammitPoot?!

          • IrishElvis

            FACT: all those soldiers who survived D-Day eventually graduated from USC #dammitpoot