Brace Yourself, Valentine’s Day Is Coming

The Bouqs - Premium Farm Direct FlowersThis is your reminder that you have just a little over two weeks to get your Valentine’s Day plan together.

If there is one staple for this day, it is flowers. You know, those things that tend to skyrocket in price for this holiday. Oh sure, you are likely going to see a “deal” in your inbox that makes you think that you are getting off the hook, but after all the hidden charges, you’ve spent at least three times as much as you initially expected.

Our sponsor, The Bouqs, founded by a Notre Dame alumnus, has you covered. I’ll let him explain:

Yes, that’s $40 for a dozen Bouqs with free shipping, even for this flower-price-gouging holiday. In fact, The Bouqs is taking this a step further. For the rest of January, you can double your order for just $10 dollars more. That’s right, 2 dozen Bouqs for just $50. Can’t figure out what to get that special someone, just have The Bouqs “Make It Awesome” for the standard $40 and they’ll toss in a $5 credit on your next order for your trust.

Edit: I just got another promo in my inbox. Schedule your Bouqs to arrive between Feb 11-13 and The Bouqs will pay¬†you $10. Get your flowers early, hand deliver, win V-Day and get money back! Also, use the promo code “BouqLove” for 10% off.

And yes, there’s something in it for HLS too. Every order you make by first clicking any of The Bouqs banners on HLS gives us a referral fee.

To recap: Get your V-Day flowers in order, save money, get the best quality possible from an online service, support HLS, support a ND alumnus run company, and make your life easier.

This is a win for everyone. Get on it!

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    Uh, I think you mean Discount Chocolate Eve.