Friday Roundup: The “Get Your Dodgeball Jokes Ready” Edition

Friday RoundupSometimes, Notre Dame Football really is the gift that keeps on giving.

First Brian Kelly hires Brian VanGroder, aka Uncle Rico. Not only does this open up all kinds of Napoleon Dynamite jokes, but we are all now blessed to have one of the best rage GIFs ever at our disposal.

And now, we have the hiring of Matt LaFleur for the vacant QB job. I know there is probably a lot that he brings to the table; however, I can’t help but hear White Goodman saying “Cram it up your cramhole, LaFluer” over and over in my head. And yes, I’m imagining Brian Kelly as White Goodman as well.

In all honesty, assistant coach hires do little to move the needle for me initially. While they certainly have a major impact on the team as a whole, the buck still stops with the head coach, so I can’t help but temper any excitement or fear about the hire.

The previous experience, success, and failures for VanGroder and LaFleur–meh.

But knowing that I have a potential goldmine of easy movie references for jokes–that’s worth more than all of King Midas’ silver.

The Roundup

Spencer Hall has a vision of the future. Notre Dame’s deal with Under Armour was just the beginning.

Looks like Notre Dame could have three first round draft picks. We’ve all expected Nix and Tuitt to make the cut, but Zack Martin is turning some heads as well.

Exhibit #109383049823423 of why college football is amazing. Just watch the pure joy of the Auburn Band as they watch ‘Bama fall.

I’m honestly surprised the headline didn’t read “Notre Dame fan”. I mean, this is serious (and eternal) hate for a head coach.

You are looking live… at a completely different ESPN booth that will have Brent Musburger removed from the A-team.

And now your moment of zen… Jay Bilas decided to congratulate a couple of ND soccer players on their national title…sort of:

P.S. You should also watch the interview that Bilas references.

The Booze

So this weekend starts wedding season for me because wedding season creep is apparently very real thing. And let me tell you, nothing is going to add to the stress of trying to plan my own wedding than going out to celebrate another marriage this weekend and then doing it all again in two weeks and continuing the dance at least once a month until I get hitched myself.

Thankfully, I have a plan for handling the stress and that plan looks a hell of a lot like the handle of Crown Royal that my fiancée bought me a couple of weeks ago.

Thanks, babe,. It’s like you knew…

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