We Tried to Have the #HLSRecap Awards Show and This Happened

So Irish Elvis had this great idea to have an awards show and roundtable discussion on Google+ using the Hangouts on Air feature. Fantastic idea, I thought, I’ve done hangouts before, I just have to link it up to the HLS G+ page and we are good.

All that was left was for me to send out the invites and then this happened:

Apparently, Google likes to hide everyone’s invites on profile pages instead of, you know, actually trying to notify them. So it took a while for us to both fight through it and figure it out.

Once we finally did, we got something going. We had the awards, talked some Notre Dame football, drank a lot, and just had a good time:

Thanks to everyone that tuned in. We will have to do things like this again in some fashion in the future now that we know how this (sort of) works.

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