Irish Set To Take On Boilermakers In Shamrock Series

Senior Shamrock Correspondent Steve in Iowa

Confirming the rumors that had been swirling around since last week, ND has officially announced that it is shifting its scheduled home game against the Purdue Boilermakers to Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis where it will be featured as the 2014 Shamrock Series Game.


Wait… whaaaa? Don’t everybody clap at once.

True, playing “regular” in-state foe Purdue in Indianapolis is probably something of a comedown after traveling to Texas (twice), Maryland, New York and Chicago. The Shamrock Series was originally conceived as a way to showcase the Irish in an inter-sectional matchup on a neutral field against opponents typically not found on the Notre Dame schedule. Most would probably agree–bellyaching about uniforms aside–the Series has been spectacularly successful in this regard. But the new agreement with the ACC is placing a slight, foreign obstruction in the way of that vision. In order to accommodate its ACC commitments ND Athletic Director Jack Swarbrick has already said fans can expect to find more “regular” opponents appearing in Shamrock Series games. Does this mean the Shamrock Series will lose some appeal? Maybe a little, but the rotating schedule of first class venues on a national stage will always have some allure.

As for the winner of this year’s Shillelagh Trophy Throwdown? Well that lucky team will get to keep “The Stick” for at least five more years as it was also announced that Notre Dame has dropped the Boilermakers from its schedule until 2020. Somewhere SubwayDomer is crying into his PBR at the thought of losing a trophy game on the schedule.

What do all of you think?

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  • Mark G

    Wait … I have to go get a double expresso. I started reading and got to “Purdue” and dozed off for a bit.

    • Steve in Iowa

      Now you know why I drew the assignment. lol.

  • trey

    Re: Dropping of Purdue.

    Nothing really lost here, but it is kind of shocking to see them go. I wont lose sleep over this news but it does kind of feel like that warm blankey your g-ma knitted for you as a baby and you’ve slept with ever since is being ripped away.