#HLSrecap Top 25: Week 11 Recap

If you’re still at work, this is your holiday shut-down notice.

Here are your @andrewwinn stats for this week’s #HLSrecap  — 120 tweets from 60+ contributors, with 6 first-timers making the cut this week. We now have over 415 unique contributors to at least one #HLSrecap this year.

As you know, each week we present the following highly-coveted (and yet totally arbitrary) accolades:

  • Brick Helmet Stickers
  • #HLSrecap MVP
  • #HLSrecap Top 25

Here now is our Athletic Director, @FakeSwarbrick, who will administer helmet stickers in between fielding phone calls from turf companies.

Brick Helmet Stickers

I’ll be honest. A win is a win but the BYU game bored me – just like all comfortable, balanced efforts that rarely leave the outcome in question. That doesn’t mean I wanted Tommy to throw a few more interceptions, but do you notice how much more entertaining Twitter is when he does? And how much more drunk we all get? And more naked?

Ah, Tommy. I’ll miss you, son. You’ll never know the alcohol fueled streaking you inspired.

Back to the game, we always find something to complain about and the weather and field conditions burned our collective asses last weekend. Our boys, playing on natural grass just like @1stDownMoses back in the day, tore up the turf with every play and my timeline was filled with complaints. I think some of you were forgetting that BYU was playing on the exact same turf but I get it — it’s more fun bitching.

As usual the game provided plenty of opportunities for the Twitterati to show their stuff, and the following were on their game for four solid quarters.

@CNHarder – this one is long overdue because she manages to tweet while working. That’s not as hard as it sounds because she happens to work for Notre Dame, so I guess that means she gets paid for trying to make #HLSrecap. The more I think about it, this is crap. But I’ve already given her the sticker so let’s move on, and this will take the place of all the raises I have promised her. Drinks are on Christianne!

@NDSquirrel – first time sticker recipient! Nicely done and I’m glad you avoided any hawks that showed up at the game.

@LluckoftheIrish – are those double entendres intentional? And good job on shaming people who were watching the AMAs instead of football (yes, I know it was later…..).

@Subway_Sprout – when I see this guy moving outside of the shadow of @PDXIrish, it makes me think of “The Circle of Life” from “The Lion King.” Sorry, Nina, but he had a good game.

@TaxBastard – every tweet was politically incorrect and I love him for it.

@Dixie_Domer – if you don’t follow him you’ll have to check #HLSrecap to understand why he gets a sticker. But hear me on this — when we eventually open up the #HLSrecap Hall of Fame, this guy will be in the inaugural class.

#HLSrecap MVP

empty whiskey glass

#HLSrecap needs a MVP whiskey sponsor like @Dixie_Domer needs this glass.

Now, onto the quantitative measures. This is just as it sounds — whoever has the most number of tweets that make the final cut will be awarded the #HLSrecap MVP Award.

Your winner for the BYU game: @Dixie_Domer with 11.5 tweets.

Your past 2013 #HLSrecap MVPs are as follows:

#HLSrecap Top 25

As a reminder, @andrewwinn awards one point for each tweet that makes it in; 1/2 point if someone else retweets/quotes/modifies your tweet and it’s included. The Twitter Ranking Of Leprechaun Legion (T.R.O.L.L.) Scale is awarded arbitrarily.

T.R.O.L.L. Point Update

‘Tis the season to be thankful. So you’ll accept these T.R.O.L.L. Points and thank me later.

You recall earlier in the season that @oaknd1 scheduled us for a CBS Sports Network game against Air Force, which earned him a penalty. This week he seems to have redeemed himself by getting us Gus Johnson in primetime which is worth +2 T.R.O.L.L. Points.

You may have noticed this week’s #HLSrecap was shorter than usual. I could blame the ongoing technical difficulties, but the fact remains I failed to import/save/double-check a wide swath of tweets, which hurt y’all just as much as it should hurt me. I offer no excuse for my actions and award myself minus-25 T.R.O.L.L. Points.

@SupermanTDJesus missed the first half of the BYU game. He claims “work obligations” or some similar nonsense. All I hear is this to go along with minus-20 T.R.O.L.L. Points.

@Irishfootball11 is eternally convinced he has failed this city. He also needs to get that caps lock key repaired. Pretty sure Apple Care will accept 4 T.R.O.L.L. Points as payment.

@HLS_NDtex attempted to take some stat nerds to task earlier this week. I was told there would be no math, and I’m pretty sure he’s saying Kelly should throw the ball more. He’s probably one of those freaks who hates the verdant natural grass playing surface at Notre Dame Stadium. Minus-28.5 T.R.O.L.L. Points because REASONS.

@Dixie_Domer cracks the Top 10, and twelve points separate #15 and #25. Welcome to the Top 25, @CourtMarek.

Cumulative Rankings Through Week 11






Previous Rank

1 PDXIrish 82.5 -2 80.5 4
2 SupermanTDJesus 98.5 -20 78.5 2
3 PootND 74.5 +3 77.5 3
4 HLS_NDTex 107.5 -30.5 77 1
5 andrewwinn 72.5 72.5 7
5 Dixie_Domer 72.5 72.5 10
7 OptimisticDomer 71 71 5
8 FakeSwarbrick 69 69 9
8 TheSubwayDomer 62 +7 69 5
10 GoIrishGlory 66.5 66.5 8
11 HLS_BayouIrish 57 57 11
12 Irishfootball11 52 +4 56 12
13 oaknd1 49 49 15
14 tricerapops 48 48 14
15 mrmayhem75 38 +7 45 16
16 Dcare24 43 43 16
17 IrishMoonJ 42 42 18
18 RDIUND 37 37 19
19 dapremonster 36.5 36.5 20
20 IDtheMIKE 36 36 19
20 LluckoftheIrish 36 36 21
22 ManCaveQB 35.5 35.5 22
23 TheMattyPenny 34.5 34.5 24
24 Candice4ND 34 34 23
25 CourtMarek 33 33 UR

Others receiving votes: @kmac12380 (31), @Subway_Sprout (30), @NDEddieMac (29), @taxbastard (29), @MaxwellJohn (27).

Click here for the Complete Game-by-Game #HLSrecap Recap Appendix.

Errors, corrections, and omissions: None this week.

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