Mike Golic Jr., Dayne Crist & Robby Toma on Down The Line Podcast

Golic Crist

On a very special episode of TNNDN’s Down the Line Podcast, we were joined by recent Irish players and graduates Dayne Crist, Mike Golic Jr., and Robby Toma. Truth be told, Golic and Crist knew they were coming on to rap on Senior Day, the 2013 Notre Dame Football Season, and update us on what they’re up to these days. Toma, who’d been on recently, had agreed to come on during their interviews and pretend to be a fan with a question. The question Robby Toma asked of his former teammates? It was pretty straightforward – “What did you think about playing with a guy like Robby Toma?” As I was in on the charade, I actually had to mute my microphone because I was laughing so hard. I could tell immediately that Toma was attempting, terribly mind you, to disguise his voice while Dayne and Mike seemed to get what was going on immediately but weren’t 100% sure so they played along to a certain degree. The whole segment with these guys is great but the gold starts around the 15 minute mark if you want to fast forward to it.

During our time with the guys we hit the trio up on the following topics:

  1. Thoughts on the 2013 season, struggles, injuries.
  2. Advising teammates with eligibility remaining but lofty draft prospects like Toma’s best friend Manti Te’o, Crist’s good friend Kyle Rudolph, and Golic’s linemate Zack Martin.
  3. Dayne’s thoughts on Tommy Rees and his play in 2013.
  4. Golic’s reaction to the team not practicing during the BYE week due to so many line injuries
  5. Do BYU players actually have Old Man Strength advantages over other colleges? (The answer may surprise you.)
  6. What makes Braxton Cave’s house and his mother’s burritos so special.
  7. Memories of their own Senior Day

If you choose to listen to the back half of the episode, we preview and predict what will happen against BYU and hit on some of the news related to the men’s and women’s basketball programs. We have been credentialed for both hoops teams in 2013/14, so stay tuned for exclusive post-game audio clips and extended coverage once football season grinds to a halt, which is obviously coming way too soon.

Thanks for all your support – next week when we preview Stanford could be an all-time episode.

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