#HLSrecap Top 25: Week 10 Recap

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In my weekly crash report & tech support email to the Storify Help Desk, we’ve concluded that mobile users should not experience #HLSrecap crashing if they a) have no other apps open, b) are using the phone’s most recent software platform, and c) no other browser windows are open. Twitter loads all tweets in the background, which will nuke your phone’s resources if you have other things running. Desktop readers should be a-ok. As always, let me know if/when you experience any difficulties.

Oh, and the Storify folks told me they eschew watching game highlights and just wait for #HLSrecap to publish. They show their hamsters no mercy.

Week 10

It’s the best part of your workweek.

Here are your @andrewwinn stats for this week’s #HLSrecap  — 370 tweets from 160+ contributors, with 39 first-timers making the cut this week. We now have over 400 unique contributors to at least one #HLSrecap this year.

As you know, each week we present the following highly-coveted (and yet totally arbitrary) accolades:

  • Brick Helmet Stickers
  • #HLSrecap MVP
  • #HLSrecap Top 25

Here now is our Athletic Director, @FakeSwarbrick, who…wait, where *is* our Athletic Director?

Well, since some of our fanbase wants us to lose track of a few more athletic personnel, we’ll say nothing further at this moment. But Helmet Stickers still need to be awarded, so let’s bring in @lluckoftheirish for a special guest appearance. She won’t handle other A.D. duties like wooing top-tier bowl representatives because </sobs>

Take it away, Molly…

Brick Helmet Stickers

When The Brick asks you to do something, the answer is “Yes”. Always. Therefore, when I was called upon to award helmet stickers, it was with great pride and honor that I accepted the task. I was excited, I was over-joyed, maybe a little nervous, and then…the game and tweeting actually happened. That’s when I got a little less excited and a lot more sick to my stomach and scared. I’m not sure how one goes about awarding helmet stickers in the first place, let alone during the debacle that was Saturday’s game. BUT! Someone had to do it, and that lucky someone was me! I sifted through tweets and tried to select those that I felt put a humorous spin on the depressing situation at hand. If we needed anything besides a run game and any points we could scrape up Saturday, we needed laughter! So, here they are! My special Molly edition Brick Helmet Stickers! (I imagine these stickers are really gold and glittery and in the shape of shamrocks! Cute, right!?)

@PDXIrish: Despite Brian Kelly wearing a loose-fitting jacket that totally didn’t show off his nipples, she made game time adjustments and found other topics to tweet about. For example, selling first-born children to not have to play certain teams. Think about it. Oh, and she is basically my spirit animal while tweeting during Notre Dame football games and I wish I was as clever and nipple-aware. Things to aspire toward!

@thereidy….’s cat: The dedication his feline showed in an attempt to make the #HLSrecap sans thumbs deserves a sticker! Plus, IT’S SO FLUFFY!

@tricerapops: He made the Heinz ketchup joke that was right in front of all us. Get on his level.

@CourtMarek: Several of her tweets made me laugh out loud, which is saying a lot since I was fighting back tears most of the game. Also, she made a “Wedding Singer” reference…with a picture. Sticker!

@andrewwinn: In the face of a frustrating loss, he didn’t turn to booze and cuss words (well maybe he did). Instead, he turned to numbers and statistics to put the whole thing in perspective. After a loss, laughter is good but logic and fact is sometimes better. Thank you for schooling us!

@DOCNation_7: If anything, you at least deserve a sticker. You got robbed. In fact, you can have 2!

Oh, and @PootND, I was told I couldn’t give you a sticker but I did really like some of your tweets. Some were funny and others helped to put things into perspective. So, maybe I’ll be allowed to give you the paper you throw away after you take the sticker off. Progress!

#HLSrecap MVP

empty whiskey glass

We need a #HLSrecap MVP sponsor…and after last game, I may need a sponsor.

Sticker paper…that’s marvelous, and perfect. Now, onto the quantitative measures. This is just as it sounds — whoever has the most number of tweets that make the final cut will be awarded the #HLSrecap MVP Award.

Your winner for the Pitt game goes to…wait, am I reading this right??

@PootND with 16 tweets.

Your past 2013 #HLSrecap MVPs are as follows:

#HLSrecap Top 25

As a reminder, @andrewwinn awards one point for each tweet that makes it in; 1/2 point if someone else retweets/quotes/modifies your tweet and it’s included. The Twitter Ranking Of Leprechaun Legion (T.R.O.L.L.) Scale is awarded arbitrarily.

@Dixie_Domer cracks the Top 10, and twelve points separate #15 and #25.

Cumulative Rankings Through Week 10






Previous Rank

1 HLS_NDTex 105.5 -2 103.5 1
2 SupermanTDJesus 97.5 97.5 2
3 PootND 74.5 +3 77.5 6
4 PDXIrish 76.5 -2 74.5 3
5 OptimisticDomer 67 67 7
5 TheSubwayDomer 60 +7 67 4
7 andrewwinn 66.5 66.5 8
8 GoIrishGlory 65.5 65.5 9
9 FakeSwarbrick 65 65 5
10 Dixie_Domer 61 61 11
11 HLS_BayouIrish 57 57 10
12 Irishfootball11 51 51 11
13 IrishElvis 49 49 13
14 tricerapops 45 45 14
15 oaknd1 46 -2 44 15
16 Dcare24 42 42 17
16 mrmayhem75 35 +7 42 22
18 IrishMoonJ 40.5 40.5 16
19 IDtheMIKE 36 36 21
19 RDIUND 36 36 24
21 dapremonster 35.5 35.5 18
22 LluckoftheIrish 34 34 25
23 ManCaveQB 33.5 33.5 23
24 Candice4ND 33 33 20
25 TheMattyPenny 32.5 32.5 19

Others receiving votes: @CourtMarek (32), @kmac12380 (29), @Subway_Sprout (29), @NDEddieMac (28), @taxbastard (28).

Click here for the Complete Game-by-Game #HLSrecap Recap Appendix.

Errors, corrections, and omissions: Originally included 26 in the Top 25.

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