Opponent Watch: Armed Forces Edition

Who To Watch

Pittsburgh at Navy (Sat 1:00pm ET CBS Sports Network)

This game is on the same channel just before the ND-Air Force game (fair warning: CBS Sports Network ≠ CBS), so use this as your pregame test to see whether your cable operator and/or bar carries the game. Traditional fans will love seeing back-to-back games featuring option offenses and fullbacks. If the spread offense is more to your liking, opt for BYU on Friday or Oklahoma vs. Texas Tech on Saturday.

Strength-of-Schedule Rankings




Weekly Change

11 Stanford 6-1 +2
18 Arizona State 5-2 -11
19 Notre Dame 5-2 -4
21 Purdue 1-6 +5
22 Southern Cal 4-3 +7
24 Brigham Young 5-2 +1
56 Oklahoma 6-1 -16
57 Pittsburgh 4-2 +34
66 Navy 3-3 +13
69 Temple 1-6 -27
77 Air Force 1-6 -7
85 Michigan 6-1 +12
104 Michigan State 6-1 -26

Other Upcoming Opponents

Boise State at BYU (Fri 8:00pm ET ESPN)

Stanford at Oregon State (Sat 10:30pm ET ESPN)

Past Opponents

Temple at Southern Methodist (Sat 3:00pm ESPN3)

Michigan State at Illinois (Sat 3:30pm ET ABC/ESPN2)

Texas Tech at Oklahoma (Sat 3:30pm FOX)

Utah at USC (Sat 4:00pm ET Pac-12 Network)

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