Danny Spond Leaves Football, Stays With Team

All we know at this point is that DOG linebacker Danny Spond walked away from football for medical reasons, likely those that relate to migranes so severe he had previously lost motor-functioning on the left side of his body. The announcement to his team came following a practice in which Spond did not participate and walked with the help of a cane. According to Coach Kelly, the Spond family will be releasing a statement this week.

Spond was the likely starter and his departure from the active roster opens the door for all-everything freshman Jaylon Smith to see considerable playing time. But, for now, the notion of not seeing Number Thirteen on the field will take some getting-used-to. The 2012 Student-Athlete of the Year Award winner, Spond is known as a humble, spiritual young man, who used his talents to honor and help others.

The South Bend Tribune‘s Eric Hansen has a terrific piece on Danny Spond, his departure and his place within the squad here.

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  • trey

    What a tough tough way to go out. Many prayers to Danny. In Tex’s season preview, I commented that J Smith would be the standout freshman this yr. had no idea this is how it would happen, though.

  • Bayou Irish

    Yeah, you right. It’s a real shame, but kudos to him and the team that he will stay involved, travel, etc. I think Jaylon would have found his way onto the field somehow, but this is not how you want it to go down.

  • https://www.facebook.com/chawalte Chad Walters

    There are worse ways to go out than playing the BCS Championship as your last game. And far better ways than with a permanent injury. Best wishes to him and for all he has done and will continue to do for the University.

  • Bayou Irish

    Chad, thanks for reading and commenting. I agree completely, but still, it has to be tough.