Silent Auction of Notre Dame Tickets for Charity


Last season our Silent Auction benefiting the ND General Scholarship Fund and Kelly Cares raised over $1,000 for these two worthy causes, and hooked up some Irish fans with tickets to some quality football games. This year, we’re doing it again, and BIGGER!

We have 3 sets of tickets to bid on! 2 sets of 2 to Oklahoma (or you can bid on all 4), and 2 tix to MSU.

Here’s how it works:

1) Email your bid to herloyalsons at gmail

2) Include in the subject SILENT AUCTION BID: PACKAGE X. If you want both OK sets, it’s PACKAGE 2 + 3.

3) Specify the game (details below) and your TOTAL BID. This is the total amount you’re bidding, NOT the per ticket amount. Please do not say “Hey Biscuit, how about I give you $X right now and you call it a day?”. That’s not how a silent auction works, and it’s not how we raise the most money. So, my answer before you ask: no thanks, just bid high buddy!

4) Sit back, and wait. We will close the bidding on Wednesday, 8/21, in time for the annual pep rally. Bid early, and bid as high as you can go. One of last year’s winners eeked it out by a few bucks!

5) Winners only will be notified via email. If you hear nothing, you didn’t win (sorry!) and you can’t up your bid at that point. So again, bid high! Payment will be accepted via paypal (preferred) or check, and tickets will be mailed via trackable FedEx upon receipt.

Without further ado, your ticket packages!

PACKAGE 1: Two Tickets together vs Michigan State at Notre Dame. DOWN WITH SPARTY! Remember when they sent that midget out to protect midfield from a flag-planting. Yeah? NEVER LET IT GO!

Section 133, Row 26, 2 Seats Together.


Package 2: Two Single Tickets vs Oklahoma at Notre Dame

Buy these 2 or combine with the 2 Together vs Oklahoma! Yeah, you’re running solo but you’re pretty sneaky, and being in the game is certainly better than sitting alone in the freaking parking lot with the horse cops so, yeah, BID! Tickets are in the lower bowl, both pretty solid.

Section 2, Row 50; Section 36, Row 53

MIN BID PER TICKET IS $120 (note: Single Tix on Stubhub going for $200+fees)

Package 3: Two Tickets Together vs Oklahoma at Notre Dame

Buy these 2 or combine with the 2 Singles vs Oklahoma to have a reeeeeal par-tay. Remember when we kicked their ass last year? Get ready for the rematch. Bob Stoops is asking fans to recruit via Twitter so he can try to keep up with the Irish. AIN’T GONNA HAPPEN STOOPSY! Get your tix so you can watch it all happen live and in person. You get to sit next to your dad/best friend/lady/muse/whoever and watch Irish Chocolate DESTROY SOONERS. Prediction? PAAAAAAIN. Tickets are in the lower bowl, so again, solid seating!

Section 21, Row 41. Giggity!

MIN BID PER TICKET IS $150 (note: Tix on Stubhub going for $350+fees)

So that’s it folks. Bid early, bid often, and let’s raise some money while getting some lucky folks in ND Stadium for some AWESOME games.


Ah, football, it’s good to be back.

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