#HLSrecap Top 25: Preseason Rankings Part 3

And so it has come to this.

I’m chronicling the top Twitter accounts that will enhance your Notre Dame gameday experience — in case you missed it, here’s 11-20 and 21-25.

Now, the thrilling conclusion to our preseason rankings.

#HLSrecap Top 25 Preseason Rankings

Top 10

10. @1stdownmoses

Unlike the more benevolent Word of Life mural, he’s not afraid to call down fire and brimstone on his (our) enemies. Author of perhaps the most famous Top-10 Ranking.

9. @cwilk

Finalist in #HLSrecapMadness. When emotions run high, his caps lock key tends to get stuck in the “on” position.

8. @4leafclovergirl

When she’s not out winning cars, Lisa writes for HLS and authored a book on ND football alumni, which should be all kinds of awesome (shameless cross-promotion). Positive news and RTs about the program and general good vibes emanate from Lisa’s feed.

7. @tricerapops

Controversy surrounds T-Pops – does he employ his kids to ghostwrite tweets? How many times can one possibly visit Disneyland? A hashtag addict, he’s the Twitter equivalent of a hurry-up offense, he tweets first and asks questions later.

6. @rakesofmallow

Founder of ye olde blogge of the same name (RIP Rakes), Chris knows his stuff.

5. @theSubwayDomer

The man started Twittermania, is a walking NSFW violation, and is in favor of overthrowing traditional uniforms, Stadium grass, and lack-of-Jumbotron. Twitter offense employs 5 tight ends and 6 fullbacks. Caps-Lock savvy and curse words carefully curated. Most likely to lose an argument with an FCS tweeter in Week 1.

4. @FakeSwarbrick

There’s Jack Swarbrick, Notre Dame Athletic Director, who prefers chess while other A.D.s struggle with checkers. Then there’s @FakeSwarbrick, who’s all of that with some James Bond and Dos Equis’ “Most Interesting Man in the World” thrown in for good measure…if such a thing is possible. We still don’t understand the twitter harem he employs…but hey, whatever works!

3. @HLS_NDtex

You probably have read Tex’s eloquent blog posts on this site as Editor-in-Chief. If you haven’t, it’s probably because Tex has crashed the HLS website. Maybe that’s why he created the hashtag #NDFBisdeterminedtokillme — which sums up in Twitter-speak what it means to be a ND Football fan.

2. @FatherSorin

University of Notre Dame founder. Loves: football, celibacy, the Virgin Mary, and parietals. Loathes: Losing, the entire state of Michigan, Jesuits, and Southern Cal. Well-versed in French…and Latin. Also: dead.

1. @oaknd1

2013 #HLSrecapMadness Winner. 2013 Subway Domer Twittermania Winner. Rumor has it Nick Saban revoked some 3rd stringer’s scholarship and offered it to Oak solely for his Twitter prowess. You know his response.

You can’t argue Oak’s dominance in Twitter rankings – and until someone tops him, he’s our pick for #1 heading into the season. Quality over quantity, his game is fundamentally sound and he grinds out tweets and won’t hesitate to call you out on a typo (someone quick, check if he’s still following us on Twitter?).

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  • http://twitter.com/BrianJMcKeown Brian McKeown (@BrianJMcKeown)

    I guess Poot is the Tommy Rees of Twitter.

    • http://twitter.com/radiofreekruzr J (@radiofreekruzr)

      *slow clap*

    • NDtex

      This might just be the greatest thing I’ve seen in the HLS comments ever.

    • IrishElvis

      I was booing Poot in the closing minutes of the Purdue game…I don’t know why the rest of you were upset…

    • http://gravatar.com/clearwall trey

      If HLS ever employed a ‘like’ feature for commentary, I think you would’ve just broken it

  • http://twitter.com/BrianJMcKeown Brian McKeown (@BrianJMcKeown)

    Thanks, guys. My nine followers agree.