#HLSrecap Top 25: Preseason Rankings Part 2

We are TWENTY-FIVE DAYS away from kickoff, and I’m getting you in the spirit by highlighting the Top 25 Twitter accounts you should follow during ND games. They provide humor, honesty, and panic during tense moments. I expect to see their tweets in post-game #HLSrecap…but like all preseason rankings, someone’s overrated.

Yesterday I unveiled 21-25, and without further ado, I continue the controversy below.

#HLSrecap Top 25 Preseason Rankings

#11 – #20

11. @HLS_Biscuit

Don’t cross Biscuit, because he calls the shots here at HLS. He was all set for a top-10 ranking this year, but he was late in responding to our inquiries…so he sits at number 11 #likeaBiscuit

12. @jflyntND518

Josh currently handles @NDmonogram, and passed on @NDsportsblogger to new FIDM‘er Aaron Horvath. If Josh focuses solely on Monogram-specific tweets, his personal account will be overrated in this preseason poll (JUST LIKE ND FOOTBALL EVERY YEAR, AMIRITE?)

13. @IDtheMike

Founder Emeritus MQ gets the lucky #13 spot mainly because he handed the HLS reins to Tex, broke every mirror within reach, walked out under a ladder, and now watches the HLS hamsters try and keep the site running.

14. @EDSBS

We break from ND-specific tweeps here because Spencer Hall loves him some college football and writes with SEC speed. Expect irate phone calls to Finebaum about how this low SEC ranking is unjust preseason disrespect.

15. @OneFootDown

Our ND brethren over at SB Nation.

16. @MancaveQB

Steve brings a solid podcast game and puts up with SubwayDomer when not blogging at HuffPost.

17. @celebrityhottub

Part of the EDSBS coaching tree – celebrityhottub is timely and witty – not afraid to make fun of any fan base, he’s a solid follow for games before/after/during Notre Dame Saturdays

18. @KeithArnoldNBC

Beach views when he’s not in South Bend, sideline views when he is. Keith is an informative follow and can be counted on for the scoop pre/post game.

19. @tyhildenbrandt

Our favorite Asian ND fan after tricerapops – Ty has the dubious position of having to defend ND on his podcast, The Solid Verbal. Ty is like the rest of us in how much he lives and dies (on twitter) with each ND game.

20. @Clashmore

Boby is the best boby there is – follow him and his non-sports twitter handle.

Continue to see #21 – #25 here >>

Coming up tomorrow: #1 – #10…

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