#HLSrecap Top 25: Preseason Rankings Part 1

Last fall, I thought it would be fun to capture in-game Twitter reaction from ND fans and present that as a crowdsourced review of the game. I called it #HLSrecap. You liked it. Notre Dame Magazine liked it. The official ND Football blog liked it.

Then in March, NDtex and I selected 64 #HLSrecap tweets, threw them in a bracket, and created the highly-controversial #HLSrecapMadness. You hated it. But deep down, you liked it.

You may be new to HLS (if so, welcome!). You may also be looking for people to follow on Twitter during ND games — the folks below are a good place to start (may I also suggest our blog authors?). If you want to be featured in an upcoming #HLSrecap, make sure I follow you.

Everyone else is releasing their national and conference rankings for the 2013 season (BECAUSE WE ARE FOOTBALL-FAMISHED), so here’s who we think will feature prominently in #HLSrecap greatness this fall. One last point: this Preseason Top-25 selection process was shadier than college bowl trustees wearing brightly-colored blazers. You’ve been warned.

#HLSrecap Top 25 Preseason Rankings

#21 – #25 (and others)

21. @worstrayever

Has strong feelings on ND Basketball, which doesn’t evoke much emotion in the ND blogosphere. Follow him anyway.

22. @lluckoftheirish

Poor Molly. She has some YouTube videos full of ND commentary, but it’s always tragic to see someone so young aging prematurely due to college football allegiances…

23. @KSF3000

A) self-proclaimed “Delusional Notre Dame Football Fan”
B) he’s a big Bob Diaco fan </entire fanbase swoons>
C) he provides real-time YouTube highlights with a quickness.

24. @MrMayhem75

The man is a loose cannon, and I say that both with respect and relief that he’s a fan of our team. Proceed with caution.

25. @HLS_BayouIrish

Bayou’s recent posting frequency here has moved him from rarely-used author to overachieving contributor, which garners him the last spot in our inaugural #HLSrecap Preseason Rankings and makes him the Tommy Rees of the HLS staff.

Others receiving votes:

@PootND, @TMoorehead627, @KegsnEggs, @bhaydon5, @LSUfreek

Coming up tomorrow: #11 – #20…

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  • http://twitter.com/radiofreekruzr J (@radiofreekruzr)

    I am aware I will not be on this list, but Poot not being on this list makes me lol. (#sorrynotsorry)

    • http://twitter.com/andrewwinn Jude (@andrewwinn)

      I wholeheartedly agree with the above comment. Poot getting slighted is classic #HLSMadness.

      • http://twitter.com/IrishElvis Irish Elvis (@IrishElvis)

        One of these days I’m going to have to stop hating on Poot. Today was not that day.

  • KyNDfan

    Slighted again…

  • http://here.com The Biscuit

    I do not anticipate being on this list in any way that is good, nor do I deserve to be.

    That said, if I’m not YOU’RE ALL FIRED!

    • http://twitter.com/IrishElvis Irish Elvis (@IrishElvis)

      Good news: turns out I’m not fired. Bad news: you (by your own admission) are overrated.

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