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HLS EFS CSC University Motto

I like a good motto.  So, for me, one of the few bright spots of our July 1 union with our new Conference (as I am inherently suspicious of all conferences), is that it comes with a catchy motto: The Journey Begins.  Every place, every event should have a motto with a nice ring to it.  We have several.  There’s Vita, Dulcedo, Spes for the University, and Ave Crux Spes Unica for us CSCs.  They are poetic; and for those troglodytes who don’t read God’s Language, translations appear at the bottom.  Our publicity department has even taken the liberty of riffling through my personal correspondence to come up with a zinger of my own – A Powerful Means for Doing Good.  Had I known someone would one day boost that phrase and print it on everything including cocktail napkins, I would have made it more pithy.

HLS EFS CSC Thunder 2

You see, a good motto should be concise, stirring, and evocative.  Take, for example, the many beautiful, motto-worthy phrases which the Shea lad wrote into our Victory March: Wake Up the Echoes and also Shake Down the Thunder, and…well…Her Loyal Sons.  Or the equally inspiring, though more sentimental phrases that Charlie O’Donnell (my fellow CSC) composed for the Alma Mater: Tender, Strong, and True as well as Golden is Thy Fame, and the one that seems to get the most traction these days, Love Thee Notre Dame.  We are motto people, and poetry is our language.  Which immediately begs the question, what the hell happened with the wording on this year’s Shirt?  That phrase looks more like a logical entailment than a motto.  You shouldn’t have to parse a sentence in order to achieve inspiration.  I blame the English Department.

Even our football coaches, over the past century and a quarter, have generated some universally famous mottos.  Rockne gave us Win One for the Gipper, and Holtz first posted Play Like a Champion Today for all to see and be motivated.  Thus, the Athletic Department got it right with The Journey Begins.  And they have has inspired me – to come up with a few choice phrases…er…mottos of my own for this momentous event in our University’s sporting history.

Mottos for Notre Dame Joining the Atlantic Coast Conference

Michigan Shall Weep

Let Fourteen Rivalries Bloom


Erin Go BrACC (I must give credit to HLS author Bayou Irish for creating this one; though I fear it will only cause randy Florida State frat boys to seek out whoever this Erin is…for lascivious purposes.)

We’re Rowing This Boat Ashore

Keeping Miami Honest

We Don’t Need No Coast

Carpe Congressionem (Seize the Conference)

Beware the Leprechaun

Tighten Your Bible Belts

Twelve Universities, Two Institutes, and the Jesuits


Mottos for the Big East, Now That Notre Dame is Joining the Atlantic Coast Conference

Someone’s Crying, Lord, Kumbaya


Non Sum Dignus (I am Not Worthy)

Where’s the Corned Beef

Keep Calm and Carry On

Lama Sabachthani (Why Have You Forsaken Me)

Trying to Live Long and Prosper

Let’s Get Ready to Grumble

And the Hits Just Keep on Coming

What You See is What Your Get…For Now

At Least We’re Not the Big Ten


Mottos for the Football Team Which is NOT (exactly) Joining the Atlantic Coast Conference

Noli Me Tangere (Don’t Touch Me)

Ireland is an Island, and so are We

Non Nobis (Not for Us)


We Come in to Your House and Push You Around

Blue and Gold Meets Black and Blue

You’ll Be Shaken, Not Stirred

Greensboro, You Have a Problem

This Force Will Be With You

You’re Gonna Need a Bigger Stadium

We Come, We See, We Conquer


Those are just a few humble suggestions.  Of course, the Athletic Department didn’t ask for my input.  Yet, they still came up with a fine motto: The Journey Begins.  But if you would permit me to embellish that just a bit, I might say: A Journey of a Thousand Victories Begins with a Single Win.



Vita, Dulcedo, Spes – Life, Sweetness, Hope

Ave Crux Spes Unica – Hail The Cross, Our Only Hope

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  • kyndfan

    Thanks for the translation. – common troglodyte.
    More suggestions:
    We’ll beat you in the workplace as well.

    It’s not your fault, God is on our side.

    See you in 3 years.

  • trey

    In honor of the geographic truths o most ACC schools:

    You bring the crab, we’ll supply the hammer

  • gbsk

    Tighten Your Bible Belts

    This is hilarious.