Win and Rent Like A Champ

Had a rough weekend? Did your boss fire you, then give you your job back but cut your salary in a whirling maelstrom of tweets? No? Well, good for you, loyal reader! But if you have, and even if you haven’t, please check out this awesome contest and promotion from our good friends and generous sponsors, Rent Like a Champion:

To enter to win, follow this link, and then follow directions thereupon:

RLC GIF AdYou could win $250 off a rental near campus. Which is pretty cool, considering their very reasonable prices anyway. If you haven’t at least checked them out for your near-campus lodging needs, you should. They’re Irish, honest, and economical. Think County Cavan prices versus County Dublin prices. Stack their offerings against any hotel or motel in the area, and I think you’ll see that Rent Like a Champion is the way to go.

So go to right now. And tell ’em Bayou Irish sent ya!




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