Friday Roundup: The “See Y’all Later” Edition

No, I’m not quitting HLS.

I’ve had a planned vacation for a while that starts next week and work has decided to get incredibly crazy so I will be out of the country as soon as I get back. Basically, I won’t be back until July. Seriously.

So I’ll be taking a bit of a hiatus and Bayou will handle the Roundup duties while I’m out. Once the 4th of July weekend hits, I’ll be celebrating independence from craziness (until the next round).

Anyways, to the Roundup.

The Roundup

Pete Carroll is a truther, color me shocked. But can anyone prove he isn’t actually Bea Arthur?!

If only the rest the media saw things as clearly as Brain Kelly. He sees the Vanderdoes situation as pretty cut and dry. And, of course, he’s right.

Speaking of Brain Kelly, the man has some style on the links. Seriously, marvel at this.

Apparently, we’ve learned nothing from Harvey Updyke. Some acts of rivalry shenanigans should just be off limits. Taking a chunk of Howard’s Rock would qualify in that area.

Can’t wait for the Gregg Doyel outrage post on Florida State. I mean, they played “hardball” with Matthew Thomas didn’t they?! SHAME ON THEM!

ND can’t shake the devil from their schedule. It appears the cancelled 2014 game with ASU is back on. And Arizona State has been oh so kind about it.

The Beer

A couple weeks ago, I wanted to try something a little bit different while I smoked some ribs. I initially wanted something with some kind of citrus and ended up stumbling upon this:

Local 2

Brooklyn Local 2 ended up being quite the pleasant surprise. A dark Belgian style brew with a twist of citrus.

A darker beer that is quite refreshing? Yeah, I’m sold.

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  • trey

    You’re back on the ‘good boy list’ with the beer selection. Guess you were just going through some kind of strange crappy beer phase there for a few months? Glad to have you back