RIP Asaph Schwapp

Credit: IrishEyes

Loyal Readers, it is with a heavy heart that I inform you that Asaph Schwapp, former Notre Dame Fullback and 2010 graduate, has passed away after a battle with non-Hodgkin lymphoma at the age of 26. Schwapp was diagnosed with this cancer last year, and his former coach, Charlie Weis informed Twitter this morning that things weren’t looking good:

Just after 3pm EST, multiple players and media outlets confirmed that Schwapp had passed on via Twitter.

It is unreal to think that a man just two years my junior is no longer with us.

It doesn’t seem that long ago that I saw a beast of a freshman walk into fall camp when I was a student manager. I don’t have too many personal stories about “Ace” from those days, but he was definitely a great guy and well loved by his teammates.

But really, there isn’t too much that needs to be added. Notre Dame has lost one of her loyal sons way too soon.

RIP, Asaph.

Update: Below, some of Asaph’s former teammates, media, and Weis bid their farewells.

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  • starkruzr

    Ugh. Prayers for his family and friends. Terrible to be the family surviving him. No one should have to bury a son or daughter.

  • Dennis S

    Wow. I was in his dorm and he was one of the nicest kids I met at ND. When I saw him in the student gym a year after he graduated (2.5 years since i last actually saw him) he came right up, hugged me, and started giving pointers on my workout… a real genuine guy. RIP ACE

  • trey

    F*** cancer…

  • PJ Moran

    anyhting we can do to help the family?

    • NDtex

      I am keeping eyes and ears open on that. Haven’t seen anything yet, but I will definitely update if I see something from ND or the Monogram Club.

  • http://Facebook Diane

    He was truly a good guy, very respectful to all he came in contact with RIP.. what a good sport you were .. I truly enjoyed working with u @ Weaver High God Bless I ‘m so sad right now ..

  • Noel Ortiz

    I want to let people my sister and I went to see him in the hospital and with all that he went through the good and bad… he was positive,strong,and planning the future. it is shock to see that his gone but never forgotten…RIP Aspah Schwapp

  • Ken Juhasz

    Truly a sad day for our Notre Dame Family. I second PJ Moran’s thoughts….. Is there anything we can do to help the family?

  • Terry

    Sad news. The best thing we can do for him is to have a Mass offered for him.

  • John Fenton

    Worked at Weaver High when Asaph was there. A better person I have never met. God bless Asaph and his family


    I remember when you were in the 8th grade and i was in the 7th and we us to play seventh grade beat down we would always play fight each other even though u would win lol. I saw you as an older brother. Your one of the best that walk in HARTFORD CT. RIP GOD

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