Inside the Film Room: Louis Nix Becomes Legend

So let’s be honest, the Blue/Gold game was rather uneventful. The offense struggled mightily and it took until the fourth quarter for the Irish to find the endzone. The game was largely fairly dull and boring.

Then one two point conversion changed everything.

Louis Nix III lined up at quarterback and Irish Chocolate found the endzone for two points on a QB draw. It was epic, legendary, and you bet it is worth every word in this Inside the Film Room breakdown.

All images come via this YouTube highlight on the ND Athletics Youtube page.

Let’s get to it.

Pre-Snap Checks

Any good QB knows that a successful play starts before the ball is snapped. Big Lou ensures that proper adjustments are made and God help you if you don’t make them.

Lining up wrong for a 300+ pound man is not good for your health.

Big Lou Pre Snap

Above we have the entire formation. The box is overloaded, clearly expecting Irish Choclate fury straight up the gut.

Big Lou Post Snap

Post-snap, the Irish defense rushes six at Nix, leaving only ILB Kendall Moore (#8) and Safety Austin Collinsworth (#28) as the last line of defense.

Big Lou Pass Fake

Nix appears to drop back to pass and panic sets in. A defense’s greatest fear, giving up a passing touchdown to a nose tackle, could become a reality. Collinsworth immediately heads over to the receiver to his left and Moore slides over to cover the middle of the goal line.

Big Lou Big Hole

Nix now notices the…uh…Nix-sized hole up the middle. The defense has bought the fake and it’s now time for Irish Chocolate to barrel his way into the endzone.

Big Lou's Gonna Kill You

Big Lou rumbles up the middle, easily breaking a weak one arm-tackle by Tyler Stockton (#92, right of Nix). Speaking of, who tries to use one arm to bring this man down?!

It’s a little hard to see in the screen capture, but Nix (circled) has lowered his pads perfectly and is ready to absolutely destroy Kendall Moore. In the name of hard-hitting analysis, I have displayed his likely last thoughts above and below.


Deciding that becoming a roadkill is not a desireable way to end his spin, Moore goes full matador and gives Nix the ‘ol olĂ©.

Put it all together and you have pure magic in motion (and I do believe the first GIF we’ve actually made ourselves here at HLS):


Want to see how it all came together? Check out one of the greatest ICON’s ever:

And don’t miss Nix’s epic post-game interview:


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  • irishize

    Phat Chocolate needs to quit the class clown schtick and drop 50 pounds by August.

    • NDtex

      God forbid anyone on our team has a personality.

      And losing weight? You do understand the purpose of a true NT right? Nix is in great shape and his size is exactly what you want at his position.

      • irishize

        We don’t need a mud slide at NT. If you want size and athleticism, check out Eddie Vanderdoes. He’ll put Florida Phatz on the pines before long.

        • NDtex

          So you don’t understand how a NT works, go it.

          By the way, the fat jokes aren’t going to fly here. If you want to give an argument against Nix, feel free but “he’s fat” won’t cut it.

          It is not clever, funny, or even effective trolling. Cut it out or enjoy a ban.

          • irishize

            The fact is this: Nix is in terrible shape. If he had the discipline and would work with Coach Longo, he could improve himself dramatically. That would be a win-win situation.

          • NDtex

            @irishize Out of shape? Seriously?

            What do you think he just skipped Longo’s workouts? Oh no, I got it, Kelly just let’s him eat candy bars on the sidelines while the rest of the team runs.

            He’s in damn good shape and has the frame of a nose tackle that you’d die to have. B.J. Raji, Vince Wilfork…any of those guys ring a bell?

          • oak

            YOU TELL’EM, STEVE DAVE!

    • oak

      Or what…?

    • NDEddieMac

      Right, because you want a smaller NT…GTFO

      Where’d those down arrows go?

      • NDtex

        Left with Disqus when it was causing issues. Looking for another system to have rec/voting

  • Barry daniels

    T’eo was great but,with Irish Chocolate taking up blockers,ala Seregusa and Adams w/B-more,LB’s flow to the ball.losing weight and gaining speed,does not helpDiaco’s D

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  • jim masterson

    Louis is the greatest personality in ND in forever.
    He’s a fun loving kid, with a great demeanor. He is THE cog in Bobby D’s D.
    Irishize needs to lighten up.