HLS Welcomes Back Rent Like a Champion!

All of us here at HLS are excited to welcome back Rent Like a Champion as one of our partners in 2013.

FACT: Notre Dame football has yet to lose a game when the RLAC banner flies over HLS. It wasn’t up in January and we all know what happened then.


Rent Like a ChampionIn all seriousness, if you aren’t familiar with the fine work that RLAC does, I feel very sad for your gameday planning and lodging efforts.

Founded and run by Notre Dame alumni, RLAC has been providing gameday rentals in the South Bend area since 2006. Many of their listings are within walking distance to campus and have properties that can accommodate any size party — whether it is a small family outing or a mini-reunion of friends in the double-digits. It’s all the comforts of home away from home…and not at ridiculous price-gouged rates like many hotels in the area.

RLAC has put over $800,000 in the pockets of South Bend homeowners annually. And the best part? It’s tax free. Second best part? There’s no expensive annual fee to list. RLAC gets paid only when you do — it’s a simple, no hassle commission system. To cap it all off, RLAC’s security deposit and mediation services can give you peace of mind that your property will be protected.

I had my first RLAC experience this past season. I couldn’t have asked for a better setup that weekend. I was impressed, my girlfriend was impressed — most importantly my girlfriend’s parents were incredibly impressed.

Now I’m not just saying this because they have an ad running with us. Believe me, not all rental companies are created equal…

In Miami, my family and I rolled the dice on a condo rental with another rental company. The place was great, except for the minor issue of falling through my bed the first time I laid down on it. I discovered that the bed was actually half-repaired with mismatched stilts that weren’t even connected right — all that was missing was some duct tape to complete the half-assed repair attempt.

Now, I understand things happen, but getting a big ‘ol “WELP, TOO BAD” from the rental company the next morning was highly annoying. Even better, once we finally convinced them to help us out, they neglected to tell us they needed the keys to get in. So we get to interrupt our day and head back to the rental office only to not have people there who were supposedly “waiting” for us.

The result: wasted afternoon that pushed dinner plans back which ultimately resulted in missing an event at Hyde Beach that I was supposed to be at (IRT & Subway Domer folks, I still owe y’all a drink).

Needless to say, I was pissed.

The rental company never did anything to compensate us for basically screwing us out of half a day or the night we had to remove the bed frame just so I could sleep on a mattress on the floor. All we got from one of the managers was an admission that their staff dropped the ball. Thanks, I guess?

So trust me, when you start out your gameday planning this fall, be sure to give Rent Like a Champion some serious consideration. Actually, start thinking about RLAC for the Blue/Gold game as there are several great properties still available.

What are you waiting for? Rent Like a Champion Today!

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