Friday Roundup: The “College Football is the WWE” Edtion

During this past season, I somehow got into a tangential discussion on Twitter in which we matched college football teams with WWE superstars. It was mostly in fun, not overly serious, but the more I think about it, the more I think we were seriously onto something.

After all, most college football fans definitely fall under the category of a “mark”, easily manipulated by trolls of rival teams (or just trolls in general). Case in point, this week’s Troll Tuesday post from SBN jokingly took aim at Manti Te’o’s bad combine day and many ND fans played the role of Glenn Beck thinking the kayfabe was real.

I think I could easily derive an entire post on such comparisons, but this week I’ll just stick to the usual Roundup news, but with a WWE comparative twist.

The Roundup

John Cena is Notre Dame. I could actually write an entire post on this comparison alone, but for the purposes of the Roundup, we are just going to stick with awful fashion decisions made in the name of promoting merchandise to kids.

The Rock is Alabama. Well, obviously, there is that whole both are the current champion thing, but this new weight room slogan sounds like an awful Rock catchphrase as well.

Brodus Clay is Southern Cal. Doing stupid dances for cheap pops:

Big E Langston is Paul Johnson. Both hilarious on Twitter:

The Prime Time Players are Nevin Shapiro. Millions and millions of dollars Almost a couple hundred thousand dollars.

And finally a pipe dream. This will never happen, no matter how bad I want it to.

The Beer

So this is another weekend in which I’m playing babysitter to kids. What in the world am I thinking?

This weekend, I am helping my girlfriend look after her niece and two nephews while her sister and husband go to Vegas. Yes, we drew the short straw, but at least they know the way to my heart is beer, and they delivered an offering of Batch 19 which I must say is rather tasty. The bonus shock here, it’s brewed by Coors and actually tastes like a real beer (and I say this as someone that drinks Coors Light, but realizes it’s alcohol-water).

So yeah, I guess wrestling themed Roundups and Coors are starting to go hand-in-hand.

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  • KyNDfan

    Never thought Saban would use cheesy facebook quotes on his team.
    Even if the university would allow it, there are no video boards in the stadium. I don’t think the old timers would even allow temporary ones to be set up. As I’ve said before, your wrestling NERD levels amaze me.

    • NDtex

      Just wait until I seriously use the WWE comparisons. This first draft of this post got WAAAAY out of control.

  • Trey

    How did you come about batch 19? I had a former manager who worked for Miller-Coors and told me the story about that label and I’ve always wanted to try it. Can you shoot me an email of where to pick it up?

    • NDtex

      Honesty, I’m not even sure. Like I said, was a gift and I haven’t seen it personally…then again, haven’t been looking too hard.

      • trey

        How was it?

        • NDtex

          Very good. Especially when you consider the source.

          • trey

            I pinged the GM at the Addison Flying Saucer and he said I should be ‘able to get it anywhere’ so I guess I can look around the area