Friday Roundup: The “And Now the Offseason Really Begins” Edition

With National Signing Day now behind us, the offseason begins in earnest.

It’s definitely a mixed bag. On the one hand, it gives us all here at HLS time to breathe a little bit without having to worry about the next game or being ready to analyze a recruiting class at the drop of hat. On the other, we will all go a little stir crazy while waiting for the Blue/Gold game.

Despite that, the Roundup will still go strong, grabbing on to every last piece of football news while we await for the next kickoff. And this week, the signing day craziness brings us quite the solid haul, so let’s get to it.

The Roundup

Before National Signing Day happened, the NCAA fell on their face. Their VP paid the lawyer of Miami booster, Nevin Shapiro, to grill him in order to gather evidence against Miami. The Hurricanes have a legitimate beef about this because these actions have opened up a giant can of worms.

Even Michigan players really don’t like Michigan. I’m sure Skunkbear fans were thrilled to hear one of their recruits will be a Buckeye fan until the day he dies.

Urban Meyer isn’t impressed, Big Ten. I really want to be a fly on the wall for the Urban Meyer Recruiting 101 session during the Big Ten meetings. It’s going to be even better if the Big Ten steps up their game only to have Meyer steal their most prized recruits.

File this under the craziest story for this year’s signing day. Mother steals son’s LOI, son gets father to help him actually sign LOI, and mother hires lawyer. These are all things that actually happened.

Clemson really loves Twilight y’all. I’m not even sure what to say about this.

Remember when Tommy Tuberville bailed on a steak dinner with a recruit and then took the Cincinnati job? Texas Tech fans sure didn’t. Their response? Send Tuberville a menu! I tip my hat to my fellow Texans on this one.

Finally, here’s EDSBS’ breakdown of signing day. Because the entire circus needs a little bit of humor.

The Beer Booze

So it’s my birthday today, and while I love beer, I’m calling an audible. Bring on the whiskey.

crown royal bottle

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  • KyNDfan

    Ditch that Canadian crap and go with some Ky bourbon. Nobody likes Canada and Ky is cool now. After all, UK did steal a USC recruit at the last minute.

    • NDtex

      Crown Royal is not crap, sir. Also, I have a HUGE bottle to down and I’m out of bourbon.

      • KyNDfan

        Nothing good ever came from Canada. I.E. Bieber. Crown Royal is average at best. We’ll have to agree to disagree until you wise up.

  • Lynch Berg

    Or…..drink the best Ky bourbon which is distilled in a small hamlet in Tenn.

  • Kevin

    Screw that. Given the recruiting haul we just got, hit the Jameson all day long, and drink one for the rest of us!

  • canuck75

    I thought of saying something snarky to kyfan, but you have to feel sorry for anyone from that state.
    On a positive note, I finally got around to watching the bcs game the other night and came away with 3 important thoughts.1) Everett was really good. He never looked panicked or made a terrible decision. In fact, some of the throws were great, much better than mccarron’s who was throwing to wide open guys all night.2). On that point, something went terribly wrong on pass defence. How do we cover the two best in the country like gloves(USC) and then have bama receivers running wide open? I am totally a glass half full guy, and as bad as the game went,if we get the eiffert call or the fumble call, perhaps we score early. We still needed at least one more big stop in the first half that didn’t happen, but it could have been 21-7 at half and we are driving with the second half kick off. Kelly’s worst call of the night was the long pass that was intercepted. We were moving nicely. get another 1st down, score. Now its 21-14.
    I will not deny they were better but we were closer than it looks.
    3) despite all the run-first guys on these boards, Coach was right again. You can pass the ball on bama and we did a decent job.

    The recruits look good. The staff looks good. I am looking forward to witnessing a home win over USC for the first time in 20? years.

    • KyNDfan

      Well played

  • alsatianBr

    Real Irish drink Powers.