Where Are They Now? Germaine Holden


Like many others who had watched Notre Dame play on television or heard about its legendary football program, South Carolina native Germaine Holden took a leap of faith when he decided to enroll at the university in South Bend, Ind.. A four year defensive starter for the Irish, Holden thrived under head coach Lou Holtz and got an education that served him well later in life. He currently splits his time between Denver, Colorado and Australia and has three sons: Baer, Tyger and Wulf. Q: Being … [Read more...]

NFL Combine: Eifert Impresses, Te’o Disappoints

Ah, the NFL combine -- the place where tenths of a second in a 40 yard dash and a couple of inches on a vertical jump can translated into millions of dollars. Truth be told, I think it is one of the more overrated and overhyped events the NFL does, but there is no doubt that the combine is a place in which draft fortunes can be made. Eight Notre Dame football stars took to Indianapolis to try and boost their draft fortunes and their results are after the jump. … [Read more...]

We’re Talkin’ (Irish) Baseball


At a time when personalized technologies like the iPhone and Hulu have eroded the natural ebb and flow of time and season, sport provides most of the few remaining way-points on the calendar. With our smart phones and tablets, we can time-shift “must see t.v.” to fit our individual schedules, rendering the start time of a particular game less meaningful than ever before. The release of the House of Cards remake on Netflix this month is perhaps the first step in the permanent decoupling of serial … [Read more...]

Good Fridays w/Padre: Chaplains

HLS EFS CSC Cavanaugh

This week, the Michigan State football chaplain got himself in a bit of trouble for making a public boast about the Spartan basketball team, that was of questionable taste (to say the least).  I know this is as much of a shock to you as it is to me – not that a priest has a filthy mouth, but that Michigan State athletes would welcome a man of God without trying to boil and eat him.  I’m sure you also had the same initial suspicion that I had: a priest with low manners joining freely with our … [Read more...]