WWKD: What Would Katie Do?

Sorry Tex, unscheduled rant coming…

Excuse me, WHAT THE HELL IS KATIE COURIC DOING? The whole world should be calling her out for the BS she displayed yesterday. Not gonna? Okay then, I will. Thanks Katie, for getting me back into RANT MODE.

Don’t get me wrong, I actually thought 95% of her interview was decent. It wasn’t soft, she asked some tough questions, but those questions deserved to and needed to be asked. For her to look at all professional, and to give Manti a chance to answer them.

But then Katie went too far. Katie went off the ledge. Katie went bat-shit-CRAZY when she started talking about how she would’ve handled the situation. How SHE would’ve done it differently. How SHE would’ve done it RIGHT.

GIVE ME AN EFFING BREAK. Let’s break this down for a second.

First, and most importantly, Katie is about as far as possible from being Manti Teo. She’s an old, white, washed-up reporter, and she’s a she. Manti is a young, male, Morman, Samoan/Hawaiian wrecking ball of a linebacker that attended a Catholic school and played D1 Football. THIS IS A DIFFERENT FREAKING WORLD WOMAN! I mean, there are a ton of things closer to Manti than you…

Screen shot 2013-01-25 at 10.22.02 AM

So that’s point one. You have no idea what you’d do if you were him. BECAUSE YOU ARE LITERALLY NOTHING LIKE HIM.

But, Daytime TV Talk Show hosts spin BS all the time. So, moving on, the second biggest problem with her ‘advice’ was that she used the complete timeline of information to inform how she’d have reacted and behaved. Guess what Katie, when this was all going down MANTI DIDN’T KNOW EVERYTHING YOU KNOW NOW YOU SILLY WOMAN! You can’t just take all of this data that you now have at your disposal and assume that, MONTHS AGO, Manti had the same information. Of COURSE he’d have behaved differently if he’d known it was all a hoax you twit. That tells us absolutely nothing.

Sooooo, since she’s so perfectly able to rip apart past situations, let’s find out What Would Katie Do (WWKD):

If she’s Steven Spielberg, SHE would never put Jar Jar Binks in the prequels. #WWKD

If she were Brian Kelly, SHE would’ve never called that pass play against Tulsa. #WWKD

If she were the Jets Organization, SHE would’ve never taken Tebow. #WWKD

The rest of the interview, like I said, was fair. But this was so far over the line. It was pompous, full of righteous indignation that Teo didn’t at all deserve, and disgusting from an ‘adult’. I never cared about Katie Couric. Wasn’t ever on my radar. Now she officially sucks.

And for all the ‘haters’ who may comment saying ‘yeah Manti still lied’ or ‘I’m an idiot listen to my stupid point that’s irrelevant’ I am not saying any of this exonerates Manti. He didn’t do everything perfectly and he is paying DEARLY. But that’s not the point. The point is that Katie Couric had the chance to be a journalist. To get a story and to dig deep. She started off down that path. But then, at some point, she decided to switch to being a moron. That’s the point. KATIE COURIC, you’re on the HLS WatchList. You don’t want to be there. I’ll see you on Twitter. Loser.

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  • NDtex

    We have a HLS WatchList?

    Uh, yeah, I’m totally not maintaining that. Enjoy watching Katie Couric constantly, I guess?

  • Davie Dave 40

    All that aside, still wouldn’t kick that old washed-up reporter outta bed.

  • Squire McGuire

    Agree on Katie never getting kicked out of my bed. Love the site, love the rant, BUT, channeling my inner, okay outer geek, it was Lucas and Star Wars not Shpielberg!!!! He was ET phone home and South Bend, Indiana Jones. Okay, moving on….. :)

    • http://www.herloyalsons.com The Biscuit

      wow Star Wars FAIL. I was on a roll. Gonna leave it to self-shame.

      • NostraDomina


        Go with it, he’s rolling.

  • NWohioND

    Loved it Biz…RANT FINALLY…also liked the picture of a “biscuit” by Teo…nice

  • Alan Andrysiak

    As more information is provided, I think it is essential to state that Manti didn’t know with any certainty that ‘Lennay Kekua’ was a fictitious personality UNITL 16 JANUARY. Up until then, he had come to believe that ‘Lennay’ had most likely faked her death and lied about a number of things, but I maintain that in his heart he still believed that there was a real woman out there doing this to him, with the help of several accomplices.
    I don’t think that he ever lied knowing that she was an imaginary person. Not before September, at the Heisman Award Presentation or leading-up to BCS Championship. There was even an attempt to trick the real woman used to represent Lennay to pose for a photo saying “Good Luck on the 7th”.

    I think that there are many other folks out there that would have been caught in this scam.

  • NDLock

    I love when Buscuit gets going. Have not heard enough of that lately.
    Just saying, about 2000 years ago a bunch of people started piling on a dude who was just trying to honor his father, inspire others and help people. The general public thought he was too good to be true. Not comparing, just saying.

  • GB

    The question is not WWKD. It is WWGB do. GB would not Botox the crap out of his face to look like a China doll.

  • tlndma

    Tell it like it is B-man. People that watch stuff like Katie Curic’s, often do so with their brains in cruise control. They turn off the filters and stuff like her opinion on what she would do get in and people go with it. She hasn’t lived in my world in decades.