DEBATE THIS! Brian Kelly’s Return Is The Best Possible Outcome

This is part two of the Debate This! series on Brian Kelly’s return to Notre Dame after interviewing with the Philadelphia Eagles. On Saturday, Lisa Kelly (no relation) kicked us off with part one, and she was not happy with Coach Kelly. Here’s my say on the matter:

First, let me say that I very much agree with Lisa’s points on Brian Kelly — I was extremely displeased with the way our coach went about handling his exploration of NFL jobs. Despite the fact that I would love a coach that is truly in love with Notre Dame and would never like to head elsewhere, the reality is that those candidates are very, very few and far between. But I certainly was not happy about the outright lies he told the Notre Dame faithful — that “leaving is not an option” and that Notre Dame is his “dream job” — neither of the statements were true, as we found out days later. All Kelly did was anger his supporters and erase much of the trust that people may have had in his word. Once a politician, always a politician, right?

But then I get down to the bare bones of the matter — I don’t (and by extension, none of us) need to trust the coach at all. It doesn’t matter if I can take him at his word in interviews or if I’m worried if he’s going to leave for a new job after each and every season (although it can certainly have an effect on recruiting, as we saw). No, what matters is that while he is here, Brian Kelly needs to be running a clean program, and winning with regularity. Guess what? He’s doing both of those things, and through his first few seasons he’s proven that he’s a damn good football coach.

Kelly Deal with It

I’ve been saying for a long time that I don’t think that Brian Kelly is enthralled with Notre Dame and the difficulties we place on our athletic programs. I don’t think Brian Kelly truly cares much about how his players are performing in the classroom, I don’t think he cares whether his players are doing community service, and he absolutely detests Notre Dame traditions like the Player Walk  on game day that he views as detrimental to the team. I think Brian Kelly would love to coach at a football factory and be able to just focus 100% on football for his players and nothing else — I get this sense from past interviews he has done and from my own personal interactions with players. But regardless of if he hates all of these restrictions, he has accepted them and still managed to set our program on an awesome path to success.

It’s easy to forget that we were 16-21 in the three seasons before Brian Kelly came along (Kelly’s record is 28-11). Yet in the seasons before him we still had exceptional recruiting, as well as all of the benefits of Notre Dame hype and exposure, but it wasn’t amounting to much — we lacked good coaching, and Brian Kelly has brought that back. Now, it hasn’t been everything we expected — Kelly is known as an offensive guru but we severely lacked on that side of the ball this year (80th nationally in scoring), yet we also never expected to have the kind of defense that he and Bob Diaco have brought into the fold. You get the sense (and he openly admits this) that he is still learning as he goes how to create the perfect championship recipe. But Notre Dame fans should be thrilled that this program is where it is right now and clearly still heading upwards. I can complain all I want that I don’t think he values academics but when Notre Dame is #1 in graduation rate among football programs, he’s clearly doing his job, and doing it well.

Our graduation rate among football programs is #1 under Coach Kelly.

Our graduation rate among football programs is #1 under Coach Kelly.

Now I don’t think we should just give Brian Kelly a free pass for mishandling this situation — while we as fans didn’t necessarily need to know what was going on, he absolutely should have kept his players and recruits in the loop. He has opened the floodgates on questions of his character and commitment — he could very well always be looking for the next big thing. While it isn’t likely to occur now, I think Kelly owes a lot of people an apology, namely the team first. While rumors were flying that Kelly was only interviewing in order to negotiate raises and bonuses for his staff of coaches as well as himself, I think those rumors were completely debunked as he admitted that he did, in fact, have legitimate interest. But Brian Kelly also didn’t have to have perfect motives for good things to come out of this — it does appear that the rest of the staff is going to be further compensated moving forward, which is something that was sorely needed. We need to pay all of our coaches, because keeping continuity among the staff is crucial to future success.

Bottom line, I don’t have to love or even like Brian Kelly to respect and appreciate the work that he has put in for Notre Dame. Hell, he probably even deserves a bit of a vacation (but please wait until the summer to take it and let people know where you are going, Brian) too. There is no question he has this program headed in the right direction, and it would’ve been awful to have to put together a new staff at this point in time. While plenty of people have a right to be bitter over how this shook out, they should also look at the greater picture — keeping Kelly at the helm will continue to benefit us in the near (and hopefully distant) future.

Now, if only he’d realize he needs to start Tommy Rees…

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  • KyNDfan

    Well said. Nice joke at the end.

  • Dan Anglin

    You don’t believe that he values education? Give me a break. How old are you? My guess is 40+. I come to this conclusion because everybody I speak to of this age group refer to Lou Holtz tenure and seems to think that Kelly holds no loyalty to the University simply because he took interviews. Well my friends of this age group, this is how things work nowadays! And he showed loyalty by returning. I was reading the chi trib the other day and there were, not one, but two separate articles about Kelly “damaging his rep”! Are you kidding me? Do you think there was anything but celebration in Oregon when chip Kelly announced he was staying? And we as the ND community insist on badgering a man who has brought us back to relevance while maintaining Our Lady’s lofty standards. Get real ND fans and support a good coach instead of trying to tear him down.

  •!/GrantlandX Grantland-X

    Dan — I am a current student at Notre Dame… definitely not 40+

  • RiverParkSeer

    Supporting our lofty standards is what makes Notre Dame special. I’m not for bashing him, I don’t blame him for interviewing. I believe it is his right. The foot out the door thing is annoying though. As long as we’re winning without violation of rules/arrests and the graduation rate is high, he is doing his job. If he wants to look at others so be it. I’d rather have a coach that’s content to stay forever and be great at these things, but you can’t always get what you want.

    • brentsn

      Im glad theres some with some sense. I really don’t get all the negative. Good comment RTS !

  • canuck75

    Grantland; Didn’t realize you were a student. Great job on this site. however,at your age you do lack a certain perspective which only comes over time.I assure you, both Ara and Lou had their detractors at the end.(As did Woody at OSU and Bo at Mich)
    My sense is that Kelly does love ND and does consider it his dream job- but it is not unusual to have more than one dream, or to be enticed. He cares about the grad rate and the community service, just not to the point that it detracts from performance.
    I think he will be here 5 more years or until he wins the title (which could be next year!)
    He did handle this poorly to our perception, but it is significant to note that no player voiced concern or a sense of betrayal, so maybe most of them knew he was just doing a bit of tire kicking.
    There seem to be two camps- those that hate him and assume everything he does is phoney, and those who recognize he is a great coach who the boys have accepted. While you don’t have to love him, a couple more years of 12-1,11-2 will render him pretty damn likeable.
    Keep up the good work.

    • NDtex

      I fail to see how Grantland’s age has anything to do with the perspective in his post. It’s quite fair, even if a bit critical; however, it’s a fair guess that his view is likely shared by other members of the student body — including players. To me, that makes his insights quite important and shouldn’t simply be written off due to age.

      • brentsn

        I agree BUT , at the age of a student , they probably only know of Weis and Kelly. I have to say NDTex , I’ve seen your comments around and you always make good sense.

  • jmichael

    You covered all of the bases.
    A couple of questions:?
    Why would the Eagles even consider him to be NFL quality
    Why would an AD give the Special Team’s coach a raise
    Did BK really think he had a shot at the NFL job
    How does he make up for this ridiculous gaffe
    Was his only game plan change to tell Neal to run with every punt despite no blocking

    •!/GrantlandX Grantland-X

      I mean, Kelly had the Philly job if he wanted it — whether we think he is ready for the NFL or not, he HAS succeeded at every level and is worth taking a shot on. It sounds to me like he would’ve taken it if his friends and family didn’t talk him back into ND, but the bottom line is that he stayed.

      Fair point on the special teams coach not necessarily deserving a raise, but right now our assistant coaches are paid salaries that are more like the middle of the Big Ten — schools like Purdue and Illinois — so we are definitely low-balling them and they should probably make more. Don’t discount all the work that they put into recruiting as well.

      On the bright side, our special teams can only improve, right? (I know we said this after last season too though…)

  • Mark G.

    As Bill Walsh once said, the words “genius” and “football coach” should not be used in the same sentence, unless the sentence goes something like “He ain’t no genius; he’s a football coach.”

    I am thankful that BK was hired and admire what he has done. I hope he continues to coach at ND for a long time, and hope we continue to win under him, and get another shot or three at a national championship, all while trying to do it the right way.

    All that said, he is a hot-head. He has a demonstrated history of sometimes saying and going things that get him in trouble. Did he completely think through his realistic chances of getting the Eagles job, or even if he wanted it, or did he decide (one day after the coaching the biggest game of his career) to talk to them because hey, it couldn’t hurt? Did he completely think through the ramifications on recruiting both this year (bye, bye Alex Anzalone) and in the future?

    Maybe he did. But as shown by his smart-aleck comment at half time of the Alabama game (suggesting this his team’s best chance – maybe only chance – in the 2nd half would be if Alabama did not show up) there are time I wish he would think a bit longer before he speaks or acts.

    • smokebomb99

      Completely agree with everything you’ve written.

      The halftime comment had me wanting to jump through the tv and kick him in the ass.
      A guy who says something like that is a guy who has no humility and thinks he’s the smartest, wittiest guy in the room. ME, ME, ME. “Look at me and how I’m above all the ND football crap”.

      I wish Swarbrick had told Kelly not to come out for the second half. Or for 2013.

      Kelly is no more interested at coaching at ND than he is going back to Cincinnati. In his mind, he’s already checked out. I was a HUGE Kelly supporter just 2 weeks ago. Today I wish they’d have fired him.

      • NDtex

        Yes, fire the coach that has gotten you closer to the promised land than any other coach in the past quarter of a century. Genius plan there.

        • Mark G.

          With BK we get the bad with the good — an enthusiastic engaging guy who truly wants to recruit the RKGs, will toe the University’s line about going to class, graduating, etc. And a hell of a player development guy and a coach. With the good we get the bad — soemtimes a smart-ass, too often an hot-head, etc.

  • NDtex

    Haven’t yet read the whole thing, but happy my BK “Deal with it” picture has returned.

    • brentsn

      LOL me too I love it !

  • NDtex

    You make some solid points here. Overall though, I still think you and Lisa might be reading too much into how it went down.

    To me, it’s clear the whole process was handled as privately as it could be. After the first leak, everything was sealed up until the end. I have a feeling that was a PR misfire on someone’s part, but I’m not sure who.

    Either way, Swarbrick appeared to be in the loop and that’s more than enough for me. From here, I agree Kelly needs to meet with his men and clear the air.

    Personally, if I could change anything about this situation, it would be for Kelly to never pull a Saban and try to outright deny any other job interest. That made everything look so much worse than it actually was.

    • smokebomb99

      Do you honestly believe Kelly won’t be looking at NFL jobs again after this season?

      Come on.

      • NDtex

        I never said that wasn’t a chance. Please point out to where I implied that.

        However, there’s a good chance that his decision today will give a good projection of his decision tomorrow. The carrot was dangled in front of him already and it wasn’t big enough and that was _before_ whatever extensions him and his staff will get.

        So the question now is, how much bigger must said carrot be before he considers jumping again?

        • smokebomb99

          Firing Kelly would scratch an emotional itch for many of us, but I concede would probably not be the best move. I concede that point.

          I’ve been a BK supporter consistently for 3 years now, even when many wanted his scalp for Tulsa, the handling of the QBs, the “my guys” comment, etc. I thought the love was reciprocal because, well … because Kelly SAID it was. Now I see that ND is nothing more than a stepping stone for him.

          He has committed no crime. He is still a good coach. They will still probably have a good/great 2013. There are many other positives.

          But he’s gone from a guy who could be iconic in the likes of Ara and Lou to just a guy who passed through ND on his way to the NFL. I’d say the odds of him coaching at ND beyond 2013 are WAY less than 50/50. No crime, but I’ve fallen out of love with him. I think he’s a carpet bagging me-first jerk. “Maybe Bama won’t come out for the 2nd half”. F You. The sooner he’s gone the better.

          And don’t think for a minute Swarbrick, who is nobody’s fool, doesn’t feel the same way.

          • NDtex

            You’ve created a line from point A to point B with nothing more than a strawman.

            All Kelly _actually did_ was consider a career move for less than a week. Somehow that translates to “HE’S LEAVING SOON GUARANTEED”?

            Please. Chip Kelly has done worse to Oregon TWO YEARS in a row. He had a deal in place with Tampa Bay last year and pulled the plug when Oregon made a last ditch effort. After that, Chip damn near schedules interviews before the Fiesta Bowl, but backed off under PR pressure. Then, he has a deal seemingly in place with the Browns and all of a sudden he has yet another new deal with Oregon.

            Yet Chip Kelly is welcomed back with open arms both times.

            Again, all BK did was consider. There was no offer in place and he could’ve waited longer to get one, but didn’t.

            Edit: And by the way after you “conceded” the firing point, you say “the sooner he’s gone the better” — yeah, glad you are able to think about this logically.

          • smokebomb99

            What Chip Kelly did/does with Oregon has no bearing on this matter. Having said that, I’d bet there are plenty of Oregon fans, alums and administrators who are tired of his annual dalliance with the NFL. So don’t assume it’s all roses there.

            Having said this, the root of my irritation with Brian Kelly is twofold: 1) He said many times how much he loves ND, how it’s his dream job, how it’s the best coaching job in sports, etc etc. He repeated those things 48 hours before interviewing with the Eagles; and 2) You might rip me for this but I firmly believe ND is “different” than Oregon, Ohio State, Texas, etc. Because of its roots in the Catholic community, its Irish-ness, and its football history, tradition, legacy, etc … when an Irish Catholic guy named Brian Kelly comes to ND and talks of it as his dream job, blah blah, then interviews to leave after just 36 months … huh?

            It was his right. He committed no crime. I just find myself feeling much differently about him today than I did 2 weeks ago. I respect that you disagree. Most seem to disagree with me. Maybe I’m just a sucker for believing what he said about his love for ND.

            But he’s unquestionably a bullshitter and won’t be at ND past 2013.

    • canuck75

      This is pretty much the point I was making too.Keep in mind this played out over 5 days, not 5 weeks. I think CoachK learned something about what a big deal ND is again. There are no secrets!

    • brentsn

      I agree with your first line,I believe most are. Alot of people are assuming things in their own head. Kelly didn’t lie,he said these things not knowing if he was interested or not. He only knew there would be a talk on tuesday. The family then decided there would be no interview. There was no interview and no offer made , though I’ve heard the job was his if he wanted. I don’t think its just the money,Kelly has to look at the area the family would move to and if they would like it. He could have just jumped to NFL but chose not to. He spent many years in the minor league’s. He’s not a quick jumper , it just depends on the timing,situation and opportunity. There might be a perfect opportunity some day , maybe next year , or maybe there won’t ever be one. We might go 1-11 the next two years and there will NEVER be an opportunity LOL. Who knows and why worry about it now ? Thats my opinion. No recruit is guaranteed to have the same coach when they graduate. Alot happens in 4 years.

  • ShamRockNRoll

    You and Lisa are reading way too much into how this situation played out. Grantland, just who should Kelly have told where he was going on vacation? You? The press? Doesn’t sound like much of a vacation to me… It sounded like Jack knew, and that’s all who needed to. This is a great example of the sort of ridiculous expectations ND fans have of the coach owing us something.

    And to the commenters asking whether he really thought he had a shot at an NFL job, who cares? You don’t only interview for positions that you know you’re a sure lock for. Many people take interviews simply to gain perspective on their current situation, and peek over the fence to see what’s on the other side. Nothing wrong with that.

  • smokebomb99

    Here’s my problem with Kelly: He’s taken every opportunity possible to tell the world how ND is his dream job, how much he loves the university, how it’s the best job in all sports.

    Except … NONE of that is true. To him ND is just where he’s working now. No more/no less. Is that a crime? Absolutely not. But it clearly defines him as a bullshit artist and a guy who can’t be trusted.

    And anyone who thinks ND won’t be going through the same soap opera 12 months from now is naive. He’s no more interested at being at ND beyond 2013 than I am in having my front teeth pulled. Maybe I’m being a pollyanna and unrealistic, but I wish they’d fired him the second he mad that halftime wisecrack against Bama. Don’t think you can win? Then leave.

    • NDonof07

      Listen to yourself. Fired? You’re calling for the firing of the only coach in the last 20 years to get us to a National Championship. Step back, and listen to yourself. Sure, that game was awful, and the halftime comment was probably something he wishes he could have back, but we were in the National Championship. Hello, this doesn’t often! Are we going to just go out and get the next coach that can take us to a 12-0 regular season and a shot at the title?

      Be happy he is here, our recruiting class is still intact (minus a player who didn’t want to be here in the first place), and we are team that will be better next year.

      It’s not easy to win. You would think we’d be happy to have a coach that actually knows how to.

      • smokebomb99

        Firing is, as I conceded above, an emotional overreaction. If you’ll allow me to take that back, I will.

        But let me ask you this:
        How likely is it that he stays beyond 2013?
        I say less than 20%.

        I believe he’s revealed himself as “just another guy passing through on the way to the NFL”. Notre Dame means no more to him than Cincinnati did. Or Central Michigan. Means to an end, that’s all. I respect you and many others aren’t bothered by that. But I guess I drank the kool aid, and when I heard “dream job”, “maybe the best job in all of sports” … I guess I expected more and I was fooled.

    • NDEddieMac


  • Terry

    Before last season started the opinion was generally that this was a team that was at least a year away from being a real contender.

    They started winning and – they kept winning. ND kept winning while one by one the others – 1st Alabama then Oregon then Kansas State – kept losing. Notre Dame is NOTRE DAME, and is there anyone out there who would seriously argue that as long as they were undefeated they should not be ranked #1? If Alabama had met Oregon for the title, each with one loss while ND was undefeated but shut out of the big game, the tumult and the shouting would have been, well, methinks the adjective to describe it has not yet been invented, let alone honed and perfected.

    Alabama is the national champion because they are far and away the best team in the country. IMO Oregon would have given them a battle, KSU would have been gone by the 3rd quarter, and we saw what happened to Notre Dame. IMO Notre Dame got to that game a year early – they were in way over their head and they knew it before the 1st quarter was ended. To their credit they fought to the end, but Alabama was far and away the best team.

    Kelly’s job hunt – ND nation was indeed, pissed, and with good reason. But the man has a right to try to better himself, to see what else is out there, and let’s not forget that we stole him from Cincinnati in circumstances that are not much different and the kids (they are, after all, kids) there were devastated.

    But we are Notre Dame so when we do it it’s ok.

    Like a lot of you I don’t like how he did it but – can anyone suggest how else he could have done it?

    Will they get over this? Remember the 1988 Cotton Bowl game against Texas A&N before you ask that question.

    Besides, they’re kids.

  • MrBill

    Ur all missing the point, lining up interviews, arranging flights, thinking about what to say in the interview, all must have distracted from his coaching, if that is what you want to call it, the BCS game. I don’t care about his loyalty except to his players and he let them down. Was that first series scripted or did it come off the top of his head or out his port hole? I saw no evidence of coaching, players catching punts inside the ten while running bassackwards. The coaching was a disgrace and for that I blame his infatuation with the Eagles and the distraction it caused. That is grounds for firing under his contract I would wager. Feed him to the Eagles fans already, they will chew him up and spit him out. Not a bunch of apologists like I see on ND fanboy sites. How about some real analysis.

  • irishruff

    This was a very clumsey move by BK. I don’t begrudge a man a step up job. And the Eagles job is a top notch NFL job. Still he totally fumbled the ball here. I agree with the article that is does not appeared to be enamored with ND and some of the hindrances of the ND job. This bush league move by him will dog him the rest of his years at ND. If he continues to be successful he will be countlessly hounded by NFL rumors. If the program struggles again he will be placed on the chopping block and given no mercy by loyalists. Lets hope he is successful. Either way, BK will be gone within 3 years.

  • solo

    Quite interesting and lots of good valid points. Being paid to coach teach or work is always business not personal. With us its personal because we’re not on the field nor getting paid. To teach takes a hell of a lot of heart and he was coaching that game. Lack of preparation for that type of game was what I think was the problem. Coaching to get reps and player development seemed the focus from practice instead of to game plan specifically to tear Alabama apart. He was coaching it was just the wrong plan.

    Mr Bill wanted analysis and like the coach or not, the last three seasons were the best in 20 years. First undefeated season since 88 and a number one grad rate all coupled with the top recruiting of dominant programs is good enough for me. No one will be perfect even Lou had his issues at times but long as the results stay the same I’m ok with him fumbling the media and PR aspects of the business.

    • brentsn


  • brentsn

    Where are you people coming from ? For the last 20 years,ND fans were bitching about not winning enough. Now we’ve started winning more and I swear people must spend hours on end looking for something to bitch about. What does it take for people to appreciate what they have ? Do we really have to whine about the small stuff ? I grew up close to campus. LIFELONG LOYAL ND FAN. The first coach I remember well is Ara. I’ve been here and celebrated the last three national championships. I’ve had season basketball tickets many different years. I was at the ACC when Dwight Iceman Clay hit the basket to beat UCLA’s 88 game win streak. Mens and womens basketball. I was at the Joyce Center for most games in 2001 when the ladies brought the championship home. I AM ALL ND , I AM ALL IN !! I have old ticket stubs from football going back to 1975 , yes the Georgia Tech “RUDY’ game included. The face value of that ticket is $9. My wife and I were at the Rudy premier at the Morris Civic. I hung around campus quite a bit when they were filming Rudy,I have a football signed by the 88 team.SO , I’m not a bandwagoner. I go to as many games as possible and i’ve been to away games in Chicago,Ann Arbor,W.Lafayette,Cleveland(navy),E. Lansing and Nashville (Vandy). I am thrilled Coach Kelly is coming back. I don’t understand all this bullshit about lying and trust.4 years ago Kelly’s loyalty was with Cincy. Then out of the blue an opportunity came up.Nobody can do anything about the timing of these things. Coaches have no good way of suddenly leaving and going somewhere else. Maybe Swarbrick shouldn’t have told Kelly after Philly asked permission. Swarbrick could have said no , but JS & Kelly have a better relationship than that. This had nothing to do with how the BCS bowl came out! Good God give Kelly more credit than that. There was a talk scheduled,not an interview. Tuesday ,after a short talk,Kelly left with his family. They decided as a family,they would rather stay at ND instead of going to richer , greener pastures with less pressure,half the hours,1/4 the travel,alot of money and everything that a big city offers. Not to mention security for the rest of his family’s lives. They CHOSE to not interview and stay at ND…and some fans are not happy with that…really?? Only three words come to mind , arrogant,selfish and immature. Kelly never lied,he did not say this is the dream job and then turn around looking for a job. Thats not how it happened. Most of NDNation USED to be loyal,faithful and together. We should have Kelly’s back , he’s the head of this fb family right now and its us against the world. SOME of you have your ND loyalty one foot out the door.We are ND , We are a family ,we stick together !! We over achieved this year. We haven’t been better than 12-1 in 24 years !!! Kelly is a successful coach. I don’t expect him to have our loyalty.He is not alumni,he’s not from here , he’s not a subway alum. He’s doing a job and whatever is best for his family is what he should do and I don’t think his family has any complaints. Halftime remark ? SO FUCKING WHAT ?? Are you kidding me ?? I was thinking the exact same thing! We were being overwhelmed ! He didn’t go into the locker room with that remark,it was a statement for TV. Get a grip people. If you have to look for things and nit-pick the little stuff just to have something to complain about , then i wish i had your problems. Theres some big things coming these next few years i believe. Im behind ND no matter what. I will not talk about the little stuff. I will deal with negative when I have to,but I wont try to force it into where its not needed. I think people are angry over the bowl outcome and they’re taking it out on Kelly. Thats the immature part. I remember 1972 when Nebraska beat us 40-6 in the Orange Bowl. I was 13 and stayed home sick from school that entire week! Then what happened in 73 ? We watched Texas A&M beat us in the 87 (Cotton?) Bowl 35-10..what happened in 1988 ??? Appreciate whats going on and what we have here,stop nit-picking and enjoy !

  • NDFan4Life

    I am amazed at the animosity toward a coach that returned this program back to where it should be. I am currently at a job that I have considered a “dream job.” Will I listen to recruiters? Yes. Will I go on interviews in the future…probably. Doesn’t mean that I lied about my feelings. It is good to listen to other offers and gauge your worth. As a fan, I think the timing sucked but the Eagles contacted Swarbrick and asked permission to speak with him. Kelly did not lie to Swarbrick and interview behind his back. He and the Eagles kept Swarbrick in the loop during the entire process. How else was he suppose to handle it?

  • solo

    Interesting points about the orange and cotton bowls, let’s hope that trend continues. I disagreeable bit regarding loyalty to a coach. Yes they are a face, but not the face of the program like ND, Alabama, even Michigan (Sucks!!!). That takes tried and true results over time, not overnight. Yes I support the HC….I don’t have to like them and really it’s irrelevant.

    My loyalty lies to the University and to the program as a whole body. Honestly it’s about consistency for the duration, dominating the games we should, winning the close ones, playing like we belong in every game we play, and consistent 10+ win seasons for me along with graduating qualified, grown, highly educated, law abiding, productive members of society…present company on this site excluded 😉

  • Patrick

    What does “dream job” even mean? My dream job is to be tax litigator in a multinational, top 10 law firm. If I landed such a “dream job”, would it mean that I would never consider a different type of job for more money or better quality of life? Of course not. Sometimes our “dreams” change when new circumstances come along. I bear no ill-will for Coach Kelly interviewing with the Eagles. I’m relieved he’s returning and glad that he CHOSE to do so …

  • irishruff

    The point is when you are in a very public job there is no such thing as quitely pursuing a job. There are perks with the ND job and there are headaches. This is one of the headaches. Every move you make is publically dissected and used both for and against you. While there may be other issues we “lost” one 4 star recruit just based on these events. Is that a big deal?? Maybe. Anybody think that other recruits are being told that BK won’t be there for their full college tour.
    BK is not given the luxury interview without consequences–that is the point of the article. And that is not because of the fans, the internet or anything else–it just comes with the job.

  • irishruff

    Chip Kelly to the Eagles!! Wow. That would have been BK if he had been offered the job!!! anyone doubt that?