Ten Awesome Stats That Bode Well For Notre Dame vs Alabama

I love stats. Stats are cold hard facts that aren’t subject to human bias or opinion. Sure, you can spin some numbers to show almost anything, but as long as it favors Notre Dame it’s good enough for me. Here’s some pretty unique stats that should have the Irish feeling pretty good about the BCS National Championship:

Note: Most of these stats come from the wonderful world of Twitter — with several coming from the fantastic ESPN Stats & Information.

– Notre Dame has not allowed a TD drive of more than 75 yards the entire season.

– In 6 road/neutral games (360 mins), Notre Dame has trailed for only 48 seconds — down 3-0 at Oklahoma

– Notre Dame held five teams to over 20 PPG LESS than they scored vs all others.

– 3 games against current Top 10 teams, Alabama has a -6 turnover margin; in other 10 games, Tide had +19 turnover margin.

– Notre Dame is 6th team to make BCS Title Game after losing 4+ games previous year; previous 5 all won the title.

Notre Dame Stadium has put some scares into the Irish. Photo by @NDSportsBlogger via Twitter

Notre Dame Stadium has put some scares into the Irish. Photo by @NDSportsBlogger via Twitter

– Only two national championship games in the past have had double-digit spreads — Ohio State was a huge underdog to Miami in 2002 and Oklahoma was supposed to get crushed by Florida State in 2000 — in both instances, the underdog won the game.

– Notre Dame has allowed 10 TDs (9 by defense) in 2012, fewest in a single season in FBS since 2000.

– Brian Kelly would be 5th ND coach to win National Championship in the poll era. Previous 4 won in their 3rd year. Kelly is in his 3rd year.

– In goal-to-goal situations Notre Dame has allowed -5 total yards on 39 plays this season.

– Notre Dame vs Alabama is the 9th matchup in BCS era between a coach with national title and one without. 7 of previous 8 matchups were won by the coach without a title.

4 more days…Go Irish.


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  • GB

    Can anyone telll me why the title game willo not be carried on a network channel? I know ESPN has the rights but they also have the rights to the regular season games broadcast on ABC, which owns ESPN. Why don’t they broadcast on ABC like the do the regular season games? They would have huge ratings and lots of revenue from advertising? I have to go to a friend’s house to watch the game.

    • NDtex

      My best guess is that they don’t want to interfere with ABC’s Monday night lineup which is premiering this Monday.

      Makes no sense to me, but I’m pretty sure that’s it. That and ESPN is basically running the game in the Monday Night Football slot, so it probably made the negotiation with ABC rather easy.

  • Noel

    If you are in Canada, like some of us, TSN or TSN2 will cover the game. But there is only one thing on at my house on monday night. Love the Stats, Beat Bama

    • GB

      Well, I live in the northern regions just like the Canucks but in Alaska. I did grow up in SB and mmy mom and siter still live there. My friend invited me to his house. We have some things in common like football, hate the SEC and USC. He is from Washington so likes them the most. We both will be rooting for the Irish though in this game.