Bold Predictions for the BCS Championship Game

If you are like me, you have spent the majority of your time since Notre Dame beat Southern Cal on November 24th thinking about the National Championship Game. During that time I have thought out every possible scenario that may unfold and have come up with these 12 bold predictions that will without a doubt be 100% accurate.

  1. Cierre Wood will run for over 140 yards. In what most people expect to be Wood’s last game in an Irish uniform, he will lead the Irish rushing attack with a performance similar to what Theo Riddick did against USC.
  2. Everett Golson’s performance will put him into the 2013 preseason Heisman discussion….but he won’t be a finalist until 2014. Look for two TD’s through the air and one on the ground as EG manages the Bama D.
  3. Irish fans will outnumber Crimson Tide fans in the stadium. Despite having nearly 4 times as many undergraduates and far more living alumni, the Tide Pride section will be dwarfed by a stadium painted blue, gold and green (and probably gray and white too – seriously, let’s work on getting a uniform color scheme going for next season).
  4. No matter what the scoreboard says, Alabama will claim this game – victory or defeat – as their 27th national title. Or is it their 32nd? I lost count.
  5. Tommy Rees will complete a pass to Tyler Eifert. After Golson loses his helmet and has to sit out a play, Rees comes in and checks into a play for his favorite target.
  6. Louis Nix will exert his will on an ailing Barrett Jones. Plan on Irish Chocolate creating big issues in the Tide’s run game with Alabama’s 4.0 GPA center still dealing with a sprained foot.
  7. Manti Te’o won’t force another turnover, but Stephon Tuitt will. Manti officially hands over the reins of the defense to Tuitt, the next top 10 draft pick suiting up in an Irish uniform.
  8. SEC dominance officially ends, Clay Travis makes weak excuses and fights with Twitter followers. Oh, he does that every day already?
  9. Both Eddie Lacy and TJ Yeldon will score touchdowns for Alabama. While not many have been able to find the end zone on the ground against Notre Dame this year, the Tide’s two-headed monster will find some success behind the left side of the offensive line.
  10. These will be the Tide’s only two touchdowns. Add on two field goals, and Alabama ends the day with 20 points.
  11. I will be in the stands crying. Whether tears of joy or sorrow, you can count on some waterworks from Twibby in the Notre Dame section.
  12. AJ McCarron will also be crying. Just, ya know, the opposite of my tears.
  13. Brian Kelly and the Irish will raise the crystal football. In a game that will come down to the 4th quarter, the Irish will win with the same resilience that led them to an undefeated regular season. Irish 24, Crimson Tide 20.

Bonus predictions:
– Tommy Rees appears in the locker room celebration ICON wearing an “I <3 Grantland-X” t-shirt.
-NDtex sarcastically yells “Roll Tide” to at least 6 Bama fans following an Irish victory. 

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  • Chuckie

    This article is about Notre Dame, an institution of higher learning and exalted sports. On your #7 above, please note that “handing over the REINS” is correct. This means, handing over the steering mechanism.

    However, “handing over the reiGns” refers to REIGN, or the territory over which somebody rules.

    If we are to completely belong in the aura of Notre Dame, care is called for in relation to what we mean when writing, and researching the vocabulary and spelling to maintain a status of excellence. The players and coaches give their lives for excellence. Why should writers not do the same? Otherwise, it’s mediocrity, or faulty education.

    •!/PootND PootND


    • NDtex

      We definitely appreciate you catching that error. We do strive for the excellence you claim we fell short of. We apologize greatly for the short-coming.

      Perhaps somewhere in the line of working our day jobs and self-proofreading & editing our own posts late at night, we let something slip through the cracks.

      Even Everett Golson got suspended for a drive for trying to be a good student. These things happen.

      Thanks for reading!

    • oak

      Pedantic (did i spell that right?): “narrowly, stodgily, and often ostentatiously learned”

    • The Subway Domer


      • NDtex


        • mkmcfrlnd

          SAY WHAT AGAIN.

      • Brian

        dig your reignbeaux, bro.

        • The Subway Domer

          Just went to the salon. It’s RAINBROWS now.

    • apsteig

      Is this wear I point out that Chuckie probably meant “In #7…” rather then “On #7…” in his critique?

      Also, I think somebody probably ought to write an article about the Notre Dame “players and coaches [who have given] their lives for excellence” (literally meaning died for the cause of excellence) rather than spilling more metaphorical ink talking about players and coaches who have dedicated their lives to excellence (literally meaning working really hard to be good at something).

      • mkmcfrlnd

        Would you say it’s possible said metaphorical spilled ink, if it were to run off the table and drip on to the floor, would be reigning?

    • tricerapops

      Honestly, I could care less. This site for all intense and purposes, is just for fun.

    • mkmcfrlnd

      Chuckie, Here’s the deal. I’m the best there is, plain and simple. I wake up in the morning and I piss excellence.

    • Twibby

      Thanks for the note, Chuckie. Unfortunately ND handed me my degree without requiring me to go to class so I never had the chance to perfect my writing skills.

  • tricerapops


    •!/PootND PootND


  • mkmcfrlnd


  •!/PootND PootND


  • IrishElvis

    Also missed: ‘Bama needs a leading apostrophe to denote missing letters; “top-10 draft pick” needs a hyphen (which I have provided). Finally, I really dislike the superscripted text on the ordinal numbers. I will be canceling my subscription to this here website, with immediate effect.

    • tricerapops


  • mkmcfrlnd

    Is it going to rein today?

  • Brian

    omg, it’s poot! it’s poot! 2013 bitches!

  • tricerapops

    In all seriousness Twibby, do you expect Cierre to have a big game running inside the tackles, around the edge, or both? And what do you expect out of Riddick? Curious as to what you’re anticipating from us vs Bama that will be conducive to Cierre having a breakout game (outside of him going balls out in his potential last game).

  • mkmcfrlnd

    Sometimes, if I have too much to drink, I like to hand off the rains to someone else.

  •!/PootND PootND

    I heard November Rein is Chuckie’s favorite GnR song

  •!/PootND PootND

    Skittles: Taste the Reignbow!

  • mkmcfrlnd

    The reign in Spain falls mainly on the plane.

  • NashvilleND

    You gotta blame it on the Reign –
    Cause the Reign don’t mind… and the Reign don’t care


    C’mon, it’s Christmas time. Blame it on the Reigndeer.

  • Sr2013

    Reality sets in Monday night when bama bashes the Irish 44 to 14.your welcome

    • trey

      Thank you sir, may I have another?

  • Larry

    I was looking at some old emails concerning the BCS game. Your’s caught my eye! Your predictions were very Bold……………although I THINK you were making some jest concerning ND beating Alabama. I have been an Alabama Fan for 60 years. I have seen
    some tough times and felt like ND fans after their lose to Alabama. ND will make their way back in due time but as coach Kelly said “tonight, you have seen what it is going to take”.

    Good Luck to the Irish in their comeback!