Proud to Be ND

Loyal Readers, I hope everyone enjoyed a great Christmas and is looking forward to both 2013 and the Championship game to get here in a hurry. We will be returning to regular programming shortly to get you ready for the big game. In the meantime, we wanted to bring a couple of official Notre Dame efforts to whet your appetite.

The first is Proud to Be ND. At this website, you can sign up to be notified via email when Notre Dame releases their official BCS TV spot. The notifications will come out on January 2, allowing you a sneak peek five days ahead of the rest of the world. The sign up is ridiculously easy and takes only a minute — no excuses, go do it.

As an added bonus, that page also has several great desktop, tablet, and smartphone backgrounds available to download for free. Personally, I’m a bit partial to this one.

This new page and campaign, is brought to you by the same folks behind the Daily Domer (which you should visit and follow on Twitter) which is a great daily news source for all things Notre Dame beyond the sporting realm.

Finally, Notre Dame now has an iPad app called Notre Dame Gameday which is loaded with information about the upcoming game with Alabama. Also included is loads of information on the entire 2012 season, including a look behind the scenes of this historic run. Here’s the full description from the app store:

The University of Notre Dame presents a behind-the-scenes look at the 2012 Fighting Irish in a first-ever Gameday app. This multimedia-packed app takes fans inside the locker room and onto the gridiron with the undefeated Fighting Irish during their 125th season of football, replaying the highlights of their climb to No. 1 and previewing their upcoming BCS Championship Game against Alabama. Enjoy articles, slideshows, infographics, interactive rosters, archival images and footage, and even a virtual tailgate party, exclusively on the iPad for fans of the Fighting Irish.

So if you have an iPad, be sure to check thisfreeapp out (seriously, nothing to lose here). If you like what you see, be sure to give it a solid review so we can encourage more of these mobile efforts.


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