Merry Christmas to All and to All…Victory

To ND Victory

Twas the Week Before the Big Game, and All through the land,
Not an expert picked the Irish, but of course did the fans.
From East Coast to West Coast in their gold and their blue,
they prayed “Baby Jesus, just once more guide us true’
To the endzone we go, through the red and the white,
and we hear from Santa “Victory to ND, and to ND a Good Night!”

Hope all Her Loyal Readers have an amazing Christmas Holiday, and that we all give up all of our presents in exchange for a National Championship.

Love you guys.


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  • starkruzr

    Keepin’ the faith, brother.

  • tlndma

    Merry Christmas guys. Thanks for being here.

  • Jack

    Beautiful poem, brought a tear to my eye. Merry Christmas and go Irish!

  • GB

    This is what I am hoping for. Merry Christmas to everyone.

  • KyNDfan

    Public service announcement: cake and fudge DO NOT mix well with bourbon and coke.