Friday Roundup: The “Best Way to Spend 35 Minutes of Your Life” Edition

Do you have 35 minutes to spare? Well, even if you don’t hit play on the video below and I have a feeling you’ll find the time:

Best. Roundup. Intro. Ever.

Kudos to the guy behind this, seriously.

The Roundup

A quick update on Blake: Celeste has let me know that, thanks to your generosity, things are starting to come together. They now have two tickets and lodging to go along with their donated flights from American Airlines. What was once a dream is quickly becoming a reality in just a couple of weeks. This is beyond awesome.

Yes, Notre Dame always seems to have a “Rudy” story every season. But that doesn’t make this edition any less awesome.

Another day, another award. Brian Kelly has won yet another coach of the year award.

The Big Ten has an award for Athlete of the Year. It’s namesake, a former Olympian, has now been outed as a professional escort.¬†Yeah, that isn’t a typo.

Oregon boosters have had it with Chip Kelly. Is it because of possible NCAA issues? Oh, no it’s because he isn’t kissing their asses enough.

Yes, LSU suspended their punter. However, I’m linking this story because it includes the best picture of any punter ever. Seriously, can we re-make the Ray Guy trophy with that pose?

I feel like my worlds are colliding. My favorite pro wrestler has his kid playing major college football now. What? Don’t judge.

Put These Games on Your Radar

Bowl season is starting to gear up and if the New Mexico Bowl proved anything, it’s that you never know which game will all of a sudden turn incredibly awesome. So here are all the bowl games for the next week; however, I will bold my picks for games that definitely have my interest.

(All times ET and all games are on ESPN/WatchESPN)

Friday, December 21

7:30 PM – Ball State vs UCF

Saturday, December 22

12:00 PM – East Carolina vs Louisiana-Lafayette

3:30 PM – Washington vs #19 Boise State

Monday, December 24

8:00 PM – Fresno State vs SMU

Wednesday, December 26

7:00 PM – Western Kentucky vs Central Michigan

Thursday, December 27

3:00 PM – #24 San Jose State vs Bowling Green

6:30 PM – Cincinnati vs Duke

9:45 PM – Baylor vs #17 UCLA

The Beer

Since Christmas is nearly upon us, perhaps it is appropriate to try and mix some religion into the recommended brew.

I was fortunate enough to have a local liquor store decide to do an inventory clearance and was able to have some Chimay Blue Cap (or Grand Reserve) on the cheap. The beer was actually first brewed as a Christmas seasonal and is brewed within the walls of a Trappist monastery, one that bares the name “Notre Dame” no less. And at 9% ABV, it serves as a perfect personal heater for these chilly winter days.

Chimay Grand Reserve - 9% - Belgium

Merry Christmas, y’all.

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  • trey

    Chimay Grand is a BEAUTIFUL brew. Easily one of my favs. Can you give me a clue about where you got it discounted?

    • NDtex

      The entire Centennial brand of stores are having an inventory clearance. Liquors were really picked over, but there was quite a bit of beer that wasn’t touched. I grabbed some Chimay and Duvel at discounts. Wish I had grabbed more!

  • trey

    Just read the escort story and saw this:
    “she was getting paid upwards of $600 per hour. According to the rates posted on the website of the company that allegedly handled her business, Haley Heston, she charged $6,000 for a 24-hour period.”

    B1G Math hard at work or is it one of those, pay for the first 3 hours, get one free kinda things?

    • NDtex

      The rates are separate. Think of it as buying hours in bulk. It sounds crass, but that’s really the logic.

  • Davie Dave 40

    As a BSU alum I would like to say GO CARDS!

    I missed the program last night with the three ND coaches. What was it called. Need to try and find a replay.

  • vegasmark

    All three of the Chimay brews are fantastic. I think the Cinq Cents (White Label) is my favorite. Lucky enough here in Vegas to be able to get it at most grocery stores whenever I feel like treating myself well.

  • NDEddieMac

    Her middle name is Favor…teehee

  • http://Zahm Dan

    I’m a lifelong ND fan. I’ve missed the majority of 2 games since I turned 4. I’m currently a junior @ ND and have the fortune of broadcasting student radio @ i cried as a play-by-play announcer at senior day vs. WF. I didn’t even make it to the Rudy soundtrack here. Started tearing up vs. WF again.

    I’ll definitely start tearing up during pregame vs Bama.

    Go Irish, Beat Bama. Suck it, Bama, Go Irish, Go!