Happy Birthday, Notre Dame

It’s easy to forget in the swirling maelstrom of awesomeness that have been the last two days, but a long, long time ago, before Twitter, and before HLS was a glint in Biscuit’s eye, Fr. Sorin did something rather special. On this date, back in 1842, he and his brothers took snow-covered acreage and called it L’Université de Notre Dame du Lac.

It is thus fitting that we pause and acknowledge this anniversary, one that forms a trinity of significant anniversaries this magnificent year: the founding of the Congregation of the Holy Cross 175 years ago this year and the launch of Notre Dame football 125 years ago.

So pause, today, amidst your Cyber Monday-ing or your frantic search for affordable air fare to MIA. Take a moment and say thank you to those who came before us to found the place that we call home, whever we may be from or wherever we may be now.

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  • tlndma

    And just by coincidence,56 yrs ago today, in a small city in central Massachussetts, one of most avid ND Football fans in the nation was born…. ME.
    Happy Birthday Notre Dame, thanks for all the memories. Go Irish!

  • Joe K

    What a great place. It could truly be greater if it would repudiate the Land O Lakes agreement and return to being integrally Catholic. I remember as a kid playing sandlot next to St. Vincents in Elkhart and we were ND. God help the kid who cried when he got hit. I went to St. Joseph’s across the street from ND and Wally Moore was our coach. Very happy for the team and coaches for their triumph.

  • Hanne

    You’re right on. Thanks for remembering and connecting the thread;ND has evolved and still maintains that feeling in us that makes one tearful when listening to The Fight Song and I am not even an ND graduate.