Friday Roundup: The “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” Edition

Notre Dame Football, we need to talk.

Let’s be honest, the past decade hasn’t been kind to me or any Irish fan for that matter. Hell, we could probably go back even further than that, but I’m not going to pretend to have any major Irish memories when my age wasn’t even in double digits.

The point though, is that you’ve teased us before. We’ve seen the undefeated runs and the multiple “return[s] to glory” only to play Charlie Brown while you are Lucy, yanking the football away from us.

This is why Biscuit had to write a piece simply to wonder just how he should feel. I too find myself in a strange spot as to just how I should approach this Saturday.

I want to be clear, I have all the confidence in the world that you can beat Southern Cal. They aren’t exactly the elite team we thought they were and now they are starting a redshirt freshman at quarterback. There’s all the reason in the world for me to be convinced that this Saturday is simply “taking care of business”, but yet, I’m utterly terrified.

The thing is, I know I’m not alone either. This is what you have done to us. Hell, I’m even scared of putting a jinx on the whole thing by simply discussing potential travel plans should Saturday end in a victory.

I beg you, for the love of God, please finish the job and just destroy Southern Cal.

Don’t go breaking my heart again, ND. I can’t take it.

The Roundup

Because you can never have enough reasons to hate Kiffin and USC. The SEC is squarely behind him and now Chip Kelly of Oregon even gaurantees victory. Or Lane’s full of crap. Either is likely.

Ohio State is taking a different approach to their BCS title hopes. They are petitioning Barack Obama to pardon them. Seriously. I guess the logic is “we helped you get back in the White House, send us to Miami”; however, there’s a bit of hilarious irony that people in Ohio have also submitted a petition to secede. Well done.

Big Ten, enjoy your new friends. Because your new relationship with Maryland and Rutgers really doesn’t make much sense.

Oh, and Big East, you need to figure something out and fast. You are now on life support.

Want to win a banner used at the Emerald Isle Classic? Swing by the ND Alumni Facebook page for details. I’d suggest liking them for future updates.

Notre Dame is looking to rack up the hardware. Be sure to swing by who has a central hub for everything that you need to spread the word for our deserving candidates, including Manti Te’o’s Heisman quest.

Yes, I know I bag on ESPN a lot. But every now and then, they do some great stuff like this piece on a life-long Irish fan that recently passed.

Put These Games on Your Radar

There are loads of intriguing games this weekend. You’ll have a lot of time to kill before our primetime matchup, so the below will definitely keep you busy.

#19 Michigan @ Ohio State, 12pm EST, ABC – Idiotic presidential peitions aside, Ohio State and Urban Meyer would love to make some noise about an undefeated season. Unfortunetly, the Skunkbears are all that now stands in their way. GO METEOR!

#5 Oregon @ #15 Oregon State, 3pm EST, Pac 12 Network – Of course this game just has to be on a channel I don’t have. If you are forunate enough, tune in because this should be a great rivalry matchup.

Auburn @ #2 Alabama, 3:30pm EST, CBS – The Iron Bowl. This will likely end in complete disaster for Auburn, but there is always an outside chance this intense rivalry will deliver one hell of a game.

#4 Florida @ #10 Florida State, 3:30pm EST, ABC – Really not too much to say here besides the fact, I actually would like karma to knock Florida down a peg for winning a game on a blocked punt with just seconds left against a non-BCS team.

#21 Oklahoma State @ #13 Oklahoma, 3:30pm EST, ESPN/WatchESPN – Bedlam. Good potential for a nice Big XII shootout.

#8 Stanford @ #17 UCLA, 6:30pm EST, FOX – Stanford needs a win to secure their spot in the Pac 12 title game against…UCLA…so…uh…round one?



I can’t go back on what I said on the air right? With an uproven QB and a defense looking to make a point to cement Te’o’s Heisman campaign. I’m looking for a solid win. Oh and no TDs for the Trojans.

ND 32 – USC 6


Screw the Dancing Leprechauns!

ND Wins 24-9 (halftime is 10-6 though)


38-17 ND runs away with it.


Irish 20, Trojans 10


Like I said in my piece on Tuesday, Notre Dame is headed into USC to go curbstomp our biggest rivals on the way to the National Championship. 34-13 Irish. We goin’ to the ship!

Closest to the Pin – Week 11

This wasn’t even close. Screw closest to the pin, Bayou hit an ace and hit the score dead on. He gets a .5 bonus for that feat.

Well done, sir.

Name Weeks Won
Bayou 4.5
Biscuit 3
Twibby 2
Tex 1
Grantland-X 1

The Beer

Considering that we are playing out in California, Sierra Nevada immediately came to mind. While I was looking at the potential selections I saw this:

Because, yes, we do indeed want to have a celebration out in Southern Cal. Here’s hoping I’m drinking this IPA out of joy an not to drown my sorrows.


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  • trey

    Ive been an Irish fan since 88 when I was 6. It’s been TWENTY GD YEARS since we were last #1 and I miss those days so much. Please, T’eo…give me this one thing to be proud of and DEMOLISH SC!!!