Ulterior. Subterfuge. Chicanery.

One of the principles underlying warfare is that of chivalry. The word conjures images of knights riding into battle or of a battleship firing off a salute. In practice, the principle of chivalry implies a respect for the rules. Given the events that unfolded in Los Angeles over the weekend, we need to be cognizant that things in Troy are not necessarily what they seem.

In short, the only thing we know right now is that we’re playing the University of Southern California Trojans on Saturday in Los Angeles. Everything else, to me, is speculation, despite Lane Kiffin’s announcement that Matt Barkley would not play against the Irish. Given his past, I won’t believe that until the game is over. Am I giving in to Fox Mulder-esque paranoia? Probably. But before you judge me, remember this:

1.  “I would not vote USC number one, I can tell you that much.”

2. USC has deflated balls.

3. USC fakes jersey numbers.

4. USC banned a reporter for reporting a player injury.

These are all run-ins with the truth and rules that happened THIS YEAR. Let’s not even get into Coach Kiffin’s history with the truth and rules while at Tennessee. Just sticking with this season, I think you can make a pretty convincing case that Coach Kiffin is not above trying to turn the present situation to his advantage, or at least using it to get inside the heads of the Fighting Irish.

But what’s it mean? Who is Matt Wittek? Well, here’s his recruiting video:

This season, the redshirt freshman has seen action in 9 games, throwing 9 passes with 8 completitions. He’s thrown for 1 touchdown and has a quarterback rating of 214.23. He has yet to throw an interception. On the ground, he has -13 yards rushing.

The only thing that matters for the Irish should be beating USC, regardless of who is under center. There’s no denying, though, that losing Matt Barkley, preseason Everything Trophy favorite, is a massive loss to their offense, if he’s indeed out. While you can debate just how focused a four-loss Trojan squad would be against the Irish, that went out the window when we put on the Number One ranking. Now the Irish wear the bull’s eye.

Don’t think Lane won’t use every trick in the book to take us down.

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  • vegasmark

    Absolutely right…I won’t stop being nervous until the clock hits 00:00 in the Coliseum and I’m there cheering the victorious Irish off the field. Until then, trust nothing coming out of LA, this will absolutely be a battle, and I’m 100% sure that Kiffykins would love nothing more than knocking off #1 Notre Dame. Screw that, stay frosty everyone, embrace the hate. Beat $C. Go IRISH.


  • http://gravatar.com/clearwall trey

    OK, so I only watched the first 5 mins of that video, but I have to ask, can he run anything besides a play action bomb? I think i saw 3 plays that WERENT play action, clean pocket, chuck the ball as far as you can and let you rec go get it.

    To be honest, im more impressed with that WR Blackwell than I am Whittig. Where did he end up?

    • http://gravatar.com/clearwall trey

      Furthermore, he’s really not at all mobile. There is that one play where he runs all over the place and chucks the ball into double coverage(R misses a clear block in the back by a lineman that makes the pass possible).

      I would think run the Tommy Rees defense on this guy. Maybe cover the deep ball with cover 2, but dont worry too much with intermediate stuff

  • JJ

    i’ve read some scouting stuff on this guy and everything says he’s a gun slinger mentality, always looks for the big play over check downs so we’ll see if they’ve reeled him in some of what but i also would not be surprised at all to see Barkley playing, kiffin is a complete douche who can’t be trusted for one second. I have faith in this team as they have proved all season and for the first time in a long time if it’s close in the 4th i fuly believe the Irish will win. GO IRISH and use lifestyles!!!!!!

  • Vairish84

    Always remember these things are highlight reels. Check downs and boring plays do not make the reels. He is not mobile, and he does have an accuracy problem. He only completed at about a 55% rate as a senior with 1.5TDs for every INT, if I recall the stats correctly.

    As much as Kiffin would play a trick, if the kid is really hurt I don’t think Barkley would let himself play for any reason. They are holiday bowl bound no matter what.

  • Brian Sullivan

    Why is anyone nervous? I am aware that SC will come out fighting, will likely play the best game of their season against the Irish, but I am not nervous. This is different than years past, when I was nervous about games. Against Pitt, 14 down in the fourth, fully expected ND to win (though I was surprised it took 3OT to do it.

    ND has shown they are champions. I say bring on SC! Then bring on Alabama! I want there to be no doubt left that ND is the best team in the land.

  • KyNDfan

    Lane has a douchey factor that tops the charts. Teo, Kap, Lou, and Tuitt will burn Troy to the ground. Soooo ready for Saturday night!

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