HLS Top 25: A New Number One

Well, the boys from College Station managed to throw the BCS for a loop and the HLS Top 25 is no different. We have a new number one and there’s quite a bit of movement around the standings.

So let’s pretend that I’m not posting this at the end of the week and get straight to the rankings!

HLS Top 25 – Week 11

Rank Team Points Last Week Change
1 Notre Dame (5) 173 3 2
2 Oregon (2) 166 2 -
3 Kansas State 163 4 1
4 Alabama 148 3 -1
5 Georgia 145 5 -
6 Florida 132 6 -
7 Texas A&M 123 7 -
8 Florida State 118 10 2
9 South Carolina 111 11 2
10 LSU 108 7 -3
11 Stanford 97 16 5
12 Oklahoma 92 13 1
13 Clemson 88 12 -1
14 Ohio State 83 9 -5
15 Oregon State 71 14 -1
T-16 Texas 67 22 6
T-16 Nebraska 67 17 1
18 UCLA 58 18 -
19 USC 48 21 2
20 Louisville 46 8 -11
21 Rutgers 45 T-19 -2
22 Louisiana Tech 43 T-19 -3
23 Michigan 37 NR -
24 Texas Tech 17 NR -
25 Oklahoma State 10 NR -
Others Receiving Votes (Points): Kent State (9); Northwestern (4); Washington (3); Wisconsin (2); Northern Illinois (1)
Dropped From Rankings (Last Week): Mississippi State (23); Northwestern (24); Toledo (25)

HLS is following the lead of Brain Kelly and putting the Irish number one.

Personally, I changed my voting from previous weeks and re-examined everyone’s resume. Oregon ended up being the victim of just now hitting the hard part of their schedule, facing Stanford, Oregon State, and then the Pac-12 title game. Their only quality win is USC and once they run through their schedule, they’ll easily jump right back up in my ballot, even possibly overtaking #1 depending on how those games goes (and taking into consideration how depleted their defense is due to injury).

Kansas State clearly has more quality wins, but as we’ve posted quite a bit here at HLS, the majority of us simply don’t see how we can put Kansas State ahead of the Irish. And, hey, as much as we’ve been banging the homer drum here, we might as well go all out, right?

With that said, the rest of the staff polls are below. Biscuit again had to abstain. On that note: Dear life kicking Biscuit’s ass, please let up. We need some rants.

HLS Staff Polls

NDtex The Biscuit Bayou Irish Twibby Grantland-X
1 Notre Dame Abstained Notre Dame Oregon Notre Dame
2 Kansas State Oregon Notre Dame Ohio State
3 Oregon Kansas State Kansas State Kansas State
4 Ohio State Georgia Alabama Oregon
5 Alabama South Carolina Georgia Alabama
6 Georgia Alabama LSU Florida
7 Florida State Florida Florida Georgia
8 Clemson LSU Texas A&M Florida State
9 Texas A&M Texas A&M Florida State South Carolina
10 Florida Florida State Ohio State Texas A&M
11 Louisville Stanford Oklahoma LSU
12 Rutgers Oklahoma Stanford Stanford
13 Stanford Clemson Clemson Oklahoma
14 South Carolina Nebraska South Carolina Nebraska
15 Oklahoma Texas Nebraska UCLA
16 Oregon State Oregon State Texas Oregon State
17 Nebraska Rutgers Oregon State USC
18 UCLA Louisiana Tech USC Michigan
19 Texas Louisville UCLA Texas
20 USC UCLA Louisiana Tech Louisiana Tech
21 Michigan USC Michigan Louisville
22 Northwestern Texas Tech Texas Tech Rutgers
23 Louisiana Tech Michigan Rutgers Kent State
24 Kent State Washington Oklahoma State Texas Tech
25 Northern Illinois Kent State Louisville Washington
RiverParkSeer Flannerite Kdubs
1 Notre Dame Notre Dame Oregon
2 Kansas State Oregon Notre Dame
3 Oregon Kansas State Kansas State
4 Georgia Alabama Alabama
5 Ohio State Georgia Florida
6 Alabama LSU Georgia
7 Florida Texas A&M LSU
8 Texas A&M Florida Texas A&M
9 South Carolina South Carolina Florida State
10 LSU Florida State Clemson
11 Florida State Clemson South Carolina
12 Stanford Oklahoma Stanford
13 Clemson Stanford Oklahoma
14 Oklahoma Oregon State Nebraska
15 Texas Nebraska Texas
16 Oregon State Texas Oregon State
18 Louisville usc UCLA
19 Louisiana Tech Louisville Louisiana Tech
20 Michigan Louisiana Tech Rutgers
21 Rutgers Michigan Michigan
22 Texas Tech Rutgers Oklahoma State
23 USC Texas Tech Louisville
24 Oklahoma State Oklahoma State Wisconsin
25 Kent State Kent State Kent State
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    I think the HLS Staff needs to come to a consensus on if we are including Ohio State in the rankings haha.