Stop and Smell the Roses

No, this isn’t a call for everyone to stop campaigning for Notre Dame and their BCS Championship chances and enjoy the undefeated season (keep that going!).

Rather, we would like to bring your attention to a new partner to HLS: The Bouqs.

Run by Notre Dame alumni, The Bouqs manages to make ordering flowers a simple affair, and, even better, make you look more thoughtful without even trying.

Firstly, every Bouq comes at a flat price. There are no charges for vases, cards, shipping, or anything else. This gets rid of the awful practice of someone hooking you in at a cheap price only to watch the final order end up being twice the advertised price.

Secondly, the Bouqs offers subscription services. These come in three different flavors: Never Forget, Just Because, and Regular Blooms.

Never Forget allows you to schedule flowers to arrive for special events like birthdays and anniversaries, meaning you’ll never have that “oh crap, I forgot” moment ever again. Even better, you’ll get an email notification a week before, just to make sure you aren’t super forgetful and forget said special occasion altogether.

Just Because will make you look thoughtful without even trying. Just tell the Bouqs how often you’d like to surprise that special someone with flowers and they’ll pick a random day to do it. Once again, you’ll receive an email to make sure you aren’t surprised as well! Enjoy looking thoughtful without even trying!

The Regular Blooms are the classic subscription service. Pick how often you’d like to have fresh flowers and they’ll arrive regularly.

All subscription packages use the same flat pricing model, but have an added bonus of taking 10% off your order. It makes your life easier, and you save money — couldn’t be simpler.

Finally, being Notre Dame alumni and being Loyal Readers themselves, the Bouqs want to pass anadditional discount to you as well! Simply use the code “HerLoyalSons” and enjoy 10% off whatever you order!

Plus using this code will also get HLS a small referral fee as well.

To recap:

  • Flat, no-BS pricing on flowers
  • Free shipping — flowers come straight from the fields to you
  • Subscriptions to make your life easier and your special someone happier
  • Save even more money by using “HerLoyalSons” at checkout
  • Support a Notre Dame alumni-run business
  • Support HLS

So before the craziness of Black Friday is upon us and you have to start worrying about Christmas shopping, be sure to get your flower needs in order for the rest of the year and beyond at the Bouqs!

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  • tjak

    How did you guys feel about the Irish in Boston?

    • NDtex

      I only got to catch the second half, but I liked what I saw (save for the fumble by Riddick). Te’o getting yet another INT was just icing on the cake.

  • joeymagarac

    You guys have time to announce a flower company as your new partner, but no time to post thoughts or comments on the BC game? It’s official: this site has just jumped the shark.

    • NDtex

      I was out of town all of last weekend visiting my sister with my entire family. I only caught the last half of the BC game.

      Once I arrived back to where we were staying, our host informed me that they shut the site down due to serious issues. I stayed up late that night working with them in order to just get us back up.

      I tried to get other staff members to get a recap up, but with all the issues going on, it was apparently a rough and busy weekend for everyone. Even our Twitter recap got pushed back a couple of additional days due to similar issues.

      We all have lives outside of HLS and things happen.

      I made an agreement with The Bouqs to have their ad up by Monday and I wanted to keep my word. I guess I’m just old fashioned like that.

      I’m sorry that this free resource that is compiled by people donating their free time didn’t hit your standards.

    • Oneyda

      Here’s my list of people whom I think solhud be allowed to use guns: security professionals, military, and trained hunters. All must have physical and psychological checks before being issued a gun. If you want the right to bear arms, then join the military, police force, or a hunting club. Otherwise, carry some mace, a whistle and a pocket knife. My two cents as someone who has seen the WRONG people have access to guns. This ruling won’t help anything.

  • The Biscuit

    Joe, as you can tell by the “Emergency” post at the top of the page we have a lot going on right now. The sponsor post was pre-scheduled and negotiated with that sponsor. Apologies if that offends you, but it shouldn’t. Tex is pulling all-nighters to get Tech stuff figured out. So deal with it, or please go elsewhere.

  • trey

    I ordered a bouq as a surprise for my mate because of this. Linited selection, but what they have all looks good. I had to cancel though because apparently they ship direct from Bolivia and they wouldnt get here till next week and no one will be home for thx. Owner was really nie and refunded no prob. Ill try again nxt time for sure tho. Good prices on top of the quality selection.

    Oh, and joe, f+++ u, go troll on NDN and spare us your whiny bs.

  • Gurubandhu Khalsa (@gbsk12)

    I appreciate all you HLS guys do. I realize that you do have a life outside of HLS.

    Go Irish!

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