Friday Roundup: The “Different Kind of Hate” Edition

Yes, yes, it’s Notre Dame vs Boston College, the Holy War, the Order of the Holy Cross vs the Jesuits, slapping Fredo across the face, or whatever else you want to call it.

We definitely don’t consider BC a true rival by any means; in fact, I wrote about this last season. However, this doesn’t mean that we can’t find it in our hearts to hate them.

Quite frankly we owe BC a beatdown of epic proportions. Not just to impress voters, but for 1993 and 2002.

It doesn’t matter that the Eagles are one of the worst teams in college football right now. I guarantee some of their “super fans” (can you really have that nickname when your tickets find their way on Groupon annually?), despite many of them already writing this season off, would love for nothing more than to spoil Irish title hopes with yet another embarrassing loss.

Think about it. Notre Dame had to wait for almost a decade to exact undefeated revenge for 1993 and failed in 2002. Here we are again a decade later and BC has a chance to do it to us yet again.

We can’t let it happen again. Notre Dame is the team wins “what though the odds”. Fredo doesn’t get to take over the Corleon Empire.

And you know, Fredo has never been a more perfect comparison that Boston College than right now. At 2-7, Boston College is much like Fredo after his plot to kill Michael fails. They are completely despondent, practically banished, their existence barely recognized, and are practically forgotten.

But like Michael, we may try to ignore them, but we don’t really ever forget. 1993 and 2002 still happened and the memory still stings no matter how much we try to push it aside.

We will not forgive, we will seek retribution. When the national spotlight of ABC shines on this sibling rivalry, we will send them out into the middle of the lake for their execution and unceremoniously dump the body overboard.

It won’t be for justice. It might not even be for vengeance.

But we are sure as hell are going to sleep better at night when its done.

The Roundup

Not having so many good nights of sleep these days, Lane Kiffin. The wheels on the USC bus aren’t just deflating, they are flying off and the driver is to blame.

Get Heisman candidate, put him on…defense? I’m assuming this is a smoke screen because putting Marqise Lee in the defensive backfield makes little sense. Related, if this does happen, I want Kelly to implement a wildcat package with Manti at QB, complete with jersey changes so we don’t have two #5’s on the field, just to screw with Kiffykins.

Memo to Gene Chizik: If someone at Auburn wants to take you on a “fishing trip”, don’t.

And now, your moment of Leach… It was a normal presser, until the pirate just said to hell with it. After a nice diatribe, we got to see the kinder, gentler Leach. Yes, it’s as hilarious as it sounds.

By the way, if anyone thinks we were “lucky” against Pitt, deal with it.

Put These Games on Your Radar

#15 Texas A&M @ #1 Alabama – 3:30pm EST, CBS

Twibby’s Marquee Matchup of the Week

#2 Kansas State @ TCU – 7:00pm EST, FOX

The big story here will be whether or not Heisman favorite Collin Klein can play. After suffering what definitely appeared to be a concussion (Synder has been playing quite coy with this), there could be a decent chance that he is out of this game. If he is, TCU has a good enough defense unit to keep them in this game and pull a potential upset just as they did against West Virginia last week

#3 Oregon @ Cal – 10:30pm EST, ESPN/WatchESPN

I’m mentioning this game only to say this: don’t count on a duck slip up here.

#11 Oregon State @ #14 Stanford – 3:00pm EST, FOX

Easily the best matchup outside the title favorites of the day. Not to mention, this game could seriously affect ND as well. Should the Cardinal win, that will only make ND’s already strong SOS even stronger



Leave the gun, take the cannoli.

ND 38 – BC 3


Leprechauns. I have been pretty damn good considering when I made those.

BC and their HC Spaz-man are in a similar spot, in start from scratch rebuilding mode.  This one will be ugly by the 2nd half.

ND Wins 37-9

3 Leprechauns!


There’s only one legit challenge in Chestnut Hill: The Cowabunga Burger at the Eagles Deli.

This year’s version of the football Eagles are a waste of space. The Irish are away (good), humbled (better) and probably know that they have to hang a ton of points on BC to stay “relevant” (ha!) to the BCS title conversation (best). Lingering missteps by the Irish O make this one closer than it should be. BC can’t move the ball against the Irish D and get their points via two late field goals.

ND 49 – BC 6


Irish 38 – Eagles 6


Notre Dame 44 – BC 3

Closest to the Pin – Week 9

Well, last week wasn’t pretty and some of us got really confident about a large Irish victory. Biscuit though has been riding his leprechauns for most of the season and they led him to victory once again. Honorable mention goes to Bayou for mentioning that all hell could break loose (but I award you no points).

Name Weeks Won
Bayou 3
Biscuit 3
Tex 1
Twibby 1
Grantland-X 1

The Beer

Well, considering that we are invading Boston, Sam Adams seems a logical choice I mean, sure it might be a bit lazy, but uh…

/looks at clock

/sees its past 2am

/is really damn tired

Sam Adams it is!

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