HLS Top 25 – Election Day Edition

The ballots are in. The votes are tallied.

The staff here at HLS has done our patriotic duty to exercise our right to vote on the top 25 teams in all of college football…save for one staff member that abstained…


HLS Top 25 – Week 10

Rank Team Points Last Week Change
1 Alabama (7) 175 1 -
2 Oregon 166 3 1
3 Notre Dame 160 2 -1
4 Kansas State 157 4 -
5 Georgia 137 6 1
6 Florida 135 7 1
7 LSU 120 5 -2
8 Louisville 119 9 1
9 Ohio State 118 11 2
10 Florida State 117 8 -2
11 South Carolina 105 15 4
12 Clemson 104 11 -1
13 Oklahoma 89 13 -
14 Oregon State 83 12 -2
15 Texas A&M 76 17 2
16 Stanford 75 16 -
17 Nebraska 61 21 4
18 UCLA 54 NR -
T-19 Rutgers 42 NR -
T-19 Louisiana Tech 42 23 4
21 USC 36 20 -1
22 Texas 25 NR -
23 Mississippi State 25 14 -9
24 Northwestern 22 NR -
25 Toledo 14 NR -
Others Receiving Votes (Points): Texas Tech (10); Michigan (2); Kent State (2); TCU (1); Northern Illinois (1); Cincinnati (1); Boise State (1)
Dropped From Rankings (Last Week): Texas Tech (18); Boise State (20); West Virginia (22); Arizona (24); Oklahoma State (25)

Notre Dame may have not budged in the other human polls, but we here at HLS had to drop them down a peg after struggling to Pitt while Oregon had a solid win against USC. We might be homers, but we are fair homers.

Now that we are approaching the home stretch of the season, most of the poll changes are happening near the bottom. This week, we feature five new teams in our top 25 (including the return of the MAC!) with one, UCLA reaching as high as 18. The middle of the rankings continue to be a dog fight with many teams moving one or two spots weekly in the 10-20 spots as well.

We are definitely due for another major shakeup. I wouldn’t call this the calm before the storm, but rather that moment when the threatening clouds have long since arrived and the rain and wind is starting to pick up.

Oh, and as far as our lone absentee this week — that honor goes to Biscuit. Feel free to rib him for being the first in history to flat out decline, but to be fair the guy is insanely busy this week and knew he wouldn’t be able to get it out in any timely fashion. So really, we all owe him one for taking one for the team so we could get this out today.

As for everyone else, here’s how the voting broke down:

HLS Staff Ballots

NDtex The Biscuit Bayou Irish Twibby Grantland-X
1 Alabama Abstained Alabama Alabama Alabama
2 Oregon Kansas State Oregon Oregon
3 Notre Dame Oregon Notre Dame Notre Dame
4 Kansas State Notre Dame Kansas State Kansas State
5 Ohio State Georgia Georgia Ohio State
6 Louisville Florida LSU Louisville
7 Florida LSU Florida Florida
8 Florida State South Carolina South Carolina Georgia
9 Clemson Florida State Louisville Florida State
10 Georgia Louisville Ohio State LSU
11 Oregon State Oklahoma Clemson Clemson
12 LSU Oregon State Florida State Oregon State
13 Rutgers Clemson Oregon State Oklahoma
14 Oklahoma Stanford Oklahoma South Carolina
15 Texas A&M Texas A&M Texas A&M Stanford
16 South Carolina Nebraska Stanford Texas A&M
17 Stanford Mississippi State USC UCLA
18 Nebraska Louisiana Tech Nebraska USC
19 UCLA Rutgers UCLA Nebraska
20 Northwestern UCLA Louisiana Tech Texas
21 Louisiana Tech Northwestern Rutgers Louisiana Tech
22 Mississippi State Toledo Texas Toledo
23 Toledo USC Northwestern Rutgers
24 Kent State Texas Tech Michigan Mississippi State
25 Cincinnati Boise State Mississippi State TCU
RiverParkSeer Flannerite Kdubs
1 Alabama Alabama Alabama
2 Oregon Notre Dame Oregon
3 Kansas State Oregon Notre Dame
4 Notre Dame Kansas State Kansas State
5 Ohio State Ohio State Georgia
6 Georgia Georgia Florida
7 Florida Florida Florida State
8 Florida State South Carolina Ohio State
10 Clemson Louisville South Carolina
11 Louisville Clemson Louisville
12 Oklahoma Florida State Oregon State
13 South Carolina Oregon State Clemson
14 Texas A&M Oklahoma Stanford
15 Stanford Texas A&M Oklahoma
16 Nebraska Stanford Texas A&M
17 UCLA Nebraska Nebraska
18 Texas UCLA UCLA
19 Louisiana Tech USC Texas
20 Rutgers Louisiana Tech USC
21 Northwestern Mississippi State Louisiana Tech
22 Mississippi State Rutgers Rutgers
23 USC Texas Tech Texas Tech
24 Texas Tech Toledo Northwestern
25 Toledo Northwestern Northern Illinois


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