Luke Commits, Vader Despondent

Amid the hulabaloo of what no one ever excitedly called “Pitt Week,” Notre Dame picked up a HUGE verbal commitment from a legit four star cornerback for the class of 2013, Cole Luke. Having narrowed his choices to four schools, including Oklahoma and Notre Dame, Cole took an official visit to Norman, where he watched Notre Dame flat-out curbstomp The Sooners.

Did that have anything to do with it? What about the announcement last Friday of the latest GSR’s? Well, Wescott Eberts over at noted on Thursday that Notre Dame’s alumni network was a big factor in Luke’s thought process. See that? ANOTHER (wise) young man thinking beyond football and chosing Notre Dame for what it offers outside the lines and after the NFL.

As a concensus four star corner, Luke’s stats should come as no surprise: 6’0″ and 165 or 170, depending on where you read. According to everyone, the kid has great speed, hands and instincts. Give him to Coach Longo for a year and watch what happens. Excited? I know I am.

Even more, we have another entrant into the All Nickname Squad. Think of the possibilities: Cole “Hands” Luke, Skywalker, Cole “Hands Solo” Luke. I mean, I could do this for HOURS.

So, well done, son. Now. Let’s. Beat. Pitt.

Author’s note: this is a verbal commitment from a high school student. If you freak out when he changes his mind or if you go full rage and start calling him names, and you yourself are not in high school, you are clearly nuts. And Les Miles.

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