Is This Real Life?

Just like David after the dentist, I’ve found myself wondering lately, Is This Real Life?

I Didn’t Feel Anything

Maybe it’s having a baby. Maybe it’s not having a job. Maybe it’s the impact those things have had on the time I have available for this site. Maybe it’s the craziness that is life right now in general. But this new reality of Notre Dame Football still has yet to sink in with me.


Don’t get me wrong. I’m enjoying it. I’m watching and reading and sucking in info on a regular basis. But it just doesn’t feel real. And I am finding that confusing. Strange. Off-putting.
I’m excited and happy for the guys and for our fans and for my alma mater, but it all feels a bit…surreal.

I have 8 Wins

We’re 8-0 and 3/4th’s of the way through the season. We are ranked #3 in the freaking country with what I would argue is the #1 Defense (Bama’s be damned, we’re better), a legit Heisman candidate who won’t win only because he plays defense, and we just need a little help to get into the MNC, assuming we take care of business down the stretch. That’s a big old IF, but it’s very realistic at this point, something I think all of us would have called a hope or dream just 2 months ago.

I Can’t See Anything

So I guess this post is a bit of venting, a bit of catharsis, and a bit of a question. Is anyone else feeling this way? How ‘real’ does this season feel? Am I just broken from all the years of heartache and pain, such that I can’t enjoy ‘happiness’ again? Is this the chapter in the rom-com where I’m just pushing away the love of my life just because she hooked up with some biker when we were ‘on a break’, even though I know I’ll embrace her in the final scene? What’s going on here, people? Is this real life?

I Don’t Feel Tired

I sure hope it sinks in soon. Because if this remains real and ND comes to LA undefeated, I’ll be gettin’ real drunk and MAKING IT REAL at the Coliseum. So I guess I need to work this junk out quickly.

What’s the deal peeps? Fill me in on how you’re feeling. Cuz I’m a lil bugged out.

WHY IS THIS HAPPENING TO ME? Is this going to be forever?

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