Good Fridays w/Padre: Mercy


We find ourselves is a strange position, awash with unaccustomed emotions. No, this has nothing to do with being undefeated and Number 1.  That is our proper position and we should feel simple contentment for, indeed, all is right with the world.  I mean we are caught up in the unusual furor of conference-hatred.  Not belonging to one of these mutual-mediocrity-assurance societies, we have no natural animosity toward any of them.  Normally, we deride them all equally.  (Do we hate the Big 10?  … [Read more...]

Friday Roundup: The “One Miiiiiiiiiiillion…” Edition

Dr Evil Meme

2012 has been a hell of a year for Notre Dame Football (and at this rate, possibly basketball as well) and it's also been a banner year for HLS. Thanks to you, Loyal Readers, for the first time in our history, HLS has broken the one million pageview threshold in a single year. … [Read more...]

Why, No, We Didn’t Forget About the HLS Top 25!

Ok, so last week was nuts. Staff was busy and their genius editor-in-chief forgot the spreadsheet that calculates everything was on his work laptop that was at work. My bad. Anyways, we pick back up once again, although both Twibby and Biscuit sadly were not able to vote this week unfortunately. No matter though, the show must go on! … [Read more...]

Hoop There It Is: ND v. KY

I have about had enough of this ESS EEE SEE superiority bullshiat. We're playing KENTUCKY people! COME! ON! KENTUCKY!???! We have Manti and Tyler, Everett and Nix, Stephon and what? I'm... oh. Basketball. Got it. So tomorrow night on ESPN2 (The Deuce), your Fighting Irish cagers take on the eighth-ranked Wildcats of Kentucky in a wildly important, early season game with massive implications not, so much, for the season, but for the program. Win, and the Irish are on freaking fire -- in case … [Read more...]