NDTex Named HLS Editor-in-Chief

Let’s be honest here, folks. NDTex has taken on a TON of responsibility for the evolution of HLS, and he’s been absolutely KILLING IT.

So I’m very pleased to announce that Tex has earned the title and responsibility of officially running the daily show here at HerLoyalSons.com – Tex is our new Editor-in-Chief!


Tex has been tireless in his support of this site and of ND Football since he came on board last year, and he’s really much better at running things on a daily basis than I am. So, it just makes sense.

That said, this won’t reduce my involvement in the site in any way. Tex has pretty much been doing this job for the past few months, and we’re just making it official because he really deserves the recognition. So you’ll still have me ranting, and helping to set the broader strategy for HLS as we move into a bright and exciting future.

Please congratulate Tex in the Comments – he’s really been making this happen for ya’ll (that’s for you Tex!) so give him some love! Congrats Tex!

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