A Less Than Perfect Ending?

No, I’m not talking about what happened with the goal-line stand. That was a special, special moment.I’m talking about the “storm” of the field by some students after the referees announced that the play stood as called originally on the field.

The student section was absolute mayhem, and it was awesome. People jumping off off benches, tackling friends, screaming and yelling obscenities in complete euphoria — it was raw joy after sitting through four hours of ice-cold rain. But it was all so worth it.

And yet, we all realized something else was going on — something not good. The freshmen and sophomores had started to rush the field.


I thought THIS was going to be the worst storm that ever happened in Notre Dame Stadium — that was embarrassing enough.

But here we were, watching a rush get started after we beat a Stanford team that we were favored to win by nine points against. Hell, we were ranked ten spots higher than them!

In my section, students were all making sure that nobody else ran onto the field. “This is not us. Don’t you dare. We are better than that. We were FAVORITES.” You could hear it all.

Storms are meant to be something sacred, Upset of the Century type stuff. This certainly did not qualify, and it is part of the reason Notre Dame gets mocked and teased as being “irrelevant”. You storm when you beat a #17 ranked team at home? Yeah, your program must be great.

Look, what’s happening this year with this team is absolutely incredible, something students and fans have been waiting desperately for for years. The appreciation and pride we all have for this team is off the charts, and at some point we all want to celebrate with them. This just wasn’t quite time do it.

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