IBG: Hate Week Edition

I’ve been kind of quiet on the site this week. Lots of travel for work. Lots of babies (ok one) that are sick. Lots of wives (okay one) with Strep. Lots of lots going on.

But don’t you think that, for even one second, the seething ball of hellacious fire of hate burning inside me hasn’t been raging with the hateful power of a thousand suns since the SECOND the MSU game ended and we officially started Hate Week.

I haaaaaaaaaaate the Skunkbears! Tried to kill our program. Misguided Superiority in Academics Complex. RichRod. And so many other reasons already laid out by Bayou and a slew of commenters.

To clarify: Michigan sucks. And Michigan is not a rival. Michigan is the Enemy.

IBG! Here are the answers that Subway Domer provided to the questions I asked, and you can peep my answers over his way, probably round abouts Thursday mid-day. Little tidbit to get you pumped: all in haiku form over there. Yep. Hate Week.

1. ND blew out a weaker than we thought Navy team, struggled against a better than we thought Purdue team, and defensively dominated MSU. On a scale from 1 to 7, how legit is this Notre Dame team? 1 means this is a smoke n mirrors result and our comeuppance is due. 7 means we are 100% legit and can beat anyone on the schedule.

This is kind of a “smoke & mirror” question. I’ll say “7” because I don’t see a team on this schedule named Alabama or LSU. Notre Dame can beat everyone on THIS schedule- now if they actually do is another story and another question. This team is legit, and and could do HUGE things this year, but obviously we will know more after the Stanford game.

2. Rees’ insertion into the MSU game seemed to spark less controversy/outrage than the same move vs Purdue. Discuss your thoughts on this move and why BK went with Tommy at that point. Getting Rees touches to stay fresh? Working on some new looks? Just trolling the heck out of the fanbase?

I didn’t care. Not. One. Bit. Troll hard BK! Troll hard. Seriously, it could have been for any reason outside of benching Golson and it just didn’t matter to me.

3. Michigan Sucks. This is simply fact. Discuss the top 3 reasons UM sucks so completely.

Not sure if these are top 3, but there are just so many.

1) Their history of being whiney little girls. They hated ND and made damn sure that the Irish would be blackballed for B1G admittance (Thanks skunky!). But then… they stopped scheduling the Irish out of fear. FEAR!
2) They continually brighten and neon up their actual piss maize color. What the hell Skunks?! Turn the damn volume down- you suck.
3) Michigan lives even more in the past than Notre Dame. The Skunkbears have had 1 National Title since 1947. One. That one was in 1997 when they had to SHARE it with Nebraska. Go on Michigan… tell me how you’re relevant. Yeah… that’s what I thought.

All of the hate. So much of it. Burning. Twisting me up inside. MUST KILL THE SKUNKBEARS!!!!!!!!

The last few years have been the worst too. Random luck, terrible mistakes, ND ripping defeat from the jaws of victory. It’s time for it to end! It’s time for ND to put the throat stomp on these rodents. IT’S TIME TO TAKE DOWN THE ENEMY!

Let’s do iiiiiiiiiiiiittttttttt!!!!!!

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