Support Manti Te’o: Get Lei’d

So awful title puns aside, there has been quite a grassroots effort to show our support for our favorite Hawaiian linebacker with a very simple gesture: wear a lei to the Michigan game Saturday night. It’s a simple, cheap effort for one of the best representatives that Our Lady’s University has ever seen.

He went into battle last week on the road, away from his family and away form the Notre Dame family. This weekend, it’s time for the Notre Dame family to return the favor.

Personally, I will be traveling to the game and I am putting my money where my mouth is:

That’s 24 leis coming my way for both myself and my friends in support of Manti Te’o. I’m not messing around here.

So to all members of the ND Family reading this, please take a staND and show your support with this simple gesture. I don’t care if you order via Amazon, find one at a local party store, or grab one from a friend while tailgating (if I have extras and you find me, I’ll gladly provide one).

When I look out into the stands on Saturday night, I want to see tens of thousands of leis as Te’o leads the Irish in complete domination of the Skunkbears. Let’s do this!

Courtesy of @TNNDN via @_Breaking_Brad

UPDATE: The folks over at TNNDN have informed me that they will have 500 leis for sale. You can find representitives on God Quad, just outside LaFortune tomorrow and Thursday from 3:30-5:30pm. 100% of the proceeds will go to Relay for Life. You can also drop by their site and donate. They are shooting for $5000 by November 25th — let’s get them there!

COMPLIANCE UPDATE: While I hope this won’t actually turn into an issue, just a friendly reminder to not be stupid about this. Please do not brand these leis with Manti Te’o’s (or any other athlete’s) name/likeness or use it in any way (especially if you decide to sell them). Further, don’t give any leis away to any potential recruits — yes, I know that sounds beyond dumb, but those are the NCAA rules and the NCAA rules can be rather…um…illogical (being nice here). Should be simple enough rules to follow!

FURTHER CHARITY UPDATE: Team Kicking Asphalt, a Chicago Marathon Team (not official with ND, but comprised of Domers), are raising money for the American Cancer Society. You can donate via their website or you can find them circulating the tailgating lots Saturday selling raffle tickets in these fancy shirts. They will likely be hanging around the Legends area, but will also try to circulate around the stadium lot. Plenty of chances to donate to worthy causes!

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