Here’s Some Football, So Read This Maybe

So. Yeah. Practice started. Did that get your attention? More than boxing? Or a stat book? Did it? Good. Let’s get started.

Yeah. That’s football. It’s been eventful so far: Gunner got sacked, Troy Niklas has disdain for blocking sleds and Jordan Prestwood left the team. Golson is maybe the starter and Tommy’s not getting any snaps and Manti Te’o is the most important non-quarterback in college football.

The biggest news, to me, is the QB race. Are we seeing a trend towards Everett Golson over Andrew Hendrix? Will that remain through the Navy game? I hope so. Watching Golson is exciting and he reminds me of Kevin McDougal. So he’s got that going for him, which is nice.

Speaking of 15, if you didn’t catch K-Mac on Oscar McBride’s radio show on Sunday, you missed a pertinent and personal discussion of the last real QB controversy and what it means to a young man to be sidelined in favor of a fresh talent. You also missed a Jack Nolan sound-alike. Listen to the whole thing here.

This may be the last post until Monday, what with the HLS 3.0 upgrade happening. Here’s hoping that we see you on the other side.

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    I like the new format so far. Slick. Great job guys.